What is an animal Wawi

What is an animal Wawi


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Wawi animal

Is an animal Wawi or jackal a carnivorous animals that are classified within the canine family (scientific name: Canidae), and includes naming an animal Wawi four main types have been identified are Asian or golden Wawi (scientific name: C. aureus), and Wawi African Golden (name science: C. anthus), and Wawi black back (scientific name: C. mesomelas), in addition to Wawi aspects of the scheme (scientific name: C. adustus), and states that these animals follow a set of nocturnal animals that spend its days hiding and Mtdarah between the branches and wait for the start solutions for the evening Balambaghth in order to catch, Vtngzy on smaller animals, or on some plants or animal carcasses; It is possible that black and other ferocious animals follow up to feed on what is left of the meal caught. [1]

Description Wawi

He said he described in general as follows can identify the main features of the animal Wawi: [2]

  • Weight ranges Wawi between 6-16 kg.
  • Extend the period of the expected life of the Waoa between 10-12 years.
  • Length ranges up to shoulder between 38-51 cm.
  • Extend the period of pregnancy in females even months.
  • Exposed to predation by tigers, hyenas and vultures.

Home Wawi

The African continent is the original home of the animal Wawi, but different species prefer to live in specific parts according to your preference of an environmental nature, Vallowaoa black back prefers to live in the forest and savannah, and divides this type into two groups so that there are the first group in the southern part of the continent, such as South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe, while the second group there in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, ie along the east coast of the continent, but for the Waoa scheme side, prefer to live in a humid environment, it is possible to find this type in the savannah areas of wetlands and near swamps, and unlike the two types the golden Wawi tends to live in dry areas Kasahary herbal and arid regions, live in the northern and eastern parts of Africa, as well as parties to the South-Eastern Europe and South Asia. [3]


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