What Internet speed is measured

What Internet speed is measured


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How to measure speed internet access

Speed ​​will be based on your contact on a number of factors such as

  • Contact using fiber or copper cables.
  • The distance from the station and the quality of communication line.
  • The maximum data rate that can be received via the Internet and it is known as the bandwidth of the mouth.
  • The maximum data rate that can be sent Oneetm known as the upstream bandwidth.

Comparison between different companies contact

BT company Infiniti connection can download speed availability of 76Mb and download speed of 19MB and this is usually 6 times faster than the average speed of UK and is 12MB for the mouth, in this speed upload files large, such as 500MB of photos taken by a colleague working in a different location, will be loaded in less than 10 seconds and upload the video to your website, where the video is 60MB, it will take a little over 3 seconds to load this if your connection works in 19MB.

How can I test the actual speed when you connect to the Internet

Often we need to find out why the Internet is slow as it was from the company or the user and determine that the actual speed of the Internet that is pumped from the place of supply for the device, and you can check the current speed by the speed of BT test, to make sure your your results and that it is accurate you will need to :

  • Connect your computer to the mall by an Ethernet cable, but if you do like any other connection will get the wrong results.
  • When you do this, you close all applications, and left alone browser window only open.
  • If you are updating applications such as Windows update or anti-virus checking make sure that these operations have ended before running the test speed.
  • You will need exclusive use of the network, so make sure that any other user does not load or use the network in any way while running the test.

Jump to speed test

Go through the check list on the screen, select Yes to confirm that you have completed all the steps, select Next, you'll get as a result of speed after a few minutes, with comments about the test and links to more information, and the Internet can speed vary, you have because the result of the test is to determine the speed Streamer Internet where the test was run. To use the test speed, you must be Adobe Flash device supports, and if you have a problem running it, check to obtain the latest version of Flash Player.


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