What features of Capricorn

What features of Capricorn


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Capricorn period starting from 22 December (December) to 19 January (January), and colors favorites are black and brown, believed to be born in this tower are characterized by a range of strengths, including management and discipline, and can be considered as an administrator can be relied upon, and the likes of Capricorn family and stick tradition, as he likes things of high quality, in addition to owning some of the negative traits such as pessimism and condescension, as it can at some point to get tired of everything and the Blh. [1]

Can Capricorn organize and manage his time well, and it is often very dangerous because of that, because as Mr. restraint and independence from the inside, making his personal life and professional in a large and continuous progress, and the Capricorn has a high ability to learn from mistakes so he often up to the summit because of the experience acquired from his mistakes, in addition to being never ruthless and is characterized by frosty, as it is not shown inside easily, so this affects him by making it very practical, but he needs to make his life more lightness and positive through forgiveness and forgiveness and closer more. [1]

Features Capricorn

Believes that there is a set of qualities that may distinguish Capricorns from other tower, including the following: [2]

  • Sincerity: Capricorn enjoys byE.Salvation deep tower, he is willing to help others, can also be relied upon when difficulties or problems, he defends all the other good heart regardless of what it will return the results, it takes on a real recipe fidelity and very serious.
  • Hard work: The Capricorn is a good example to work hard and accomplish all that is difficult, and this is the conviction that hard work and hard work is what will achieve the ambitions and successes, so it is very committed to working to the core.
  • Teamwork: Capricorn enjoys a high ability to work with the team so it is wonderful, and that the team is estimated and can be considered as something precious high for its ability to integrate into the group and its members like a veteran.
  • Ambition: Capricorn is characterized by high ambition and knowledge tower that work furiously design is the reason for making life better, more prosperous future so it seeks to achieve this.
  • Style: acting with all the elegance of Capricorn in various areas of his life, he is an elegant, charming and passionate and moving away from all the things lacking the sense of elegance or can not be repaired to become elegant.

Disadvantages Capricorn

Believes that the disadvantages of Capricorn because it does not forgive or forgive anyone who is trying to destroy him or hurt them, it does not forget so easily, as he always thinks he knows and knows everything that goes on around him things, but also often bored and hated everything simply, in addition to being anyone approaching does not allow it, whether intentionally or not Vchksath authoritarian does not tolerate surprises that occur on his life, he also bossy likes to control and does not like spontaneity, and others sometimes feels uncomfortable because of militancy which is owned by making him not able to fun time with him, [3] [4] and other negative traits that may characterize Capricorns as follows: [2]

  • The defects owned by serious that it is fun, and this is because of slops and his seriousness, as it is very realistic.
  • The Capricorn has a tendency to sadness and depression because of the permanent presence of his desire someone makes him happy.
  • Capricorn that is characterized by severe criticism, as it is expected to live around him in accordance with the rules and laws, so it is very crucial to these rules, making it one of its drawbacks.
  • Suspicion and mistrust that may Acquires Capricorn when things happen easily and smoothly, it tends to difficult things so that everyone can not get them, but for the confidence it has serious needs for one reason to lose confidence in those around him.
  • The likes of Capricorn higher ambition and diligence so it is ruthless people who lack it.

Capricorn and his relationship with friends and family

Believed to be born Capricorn often takes relationships seriously, he likes to take care of his friends and can be seen from the strengths he has, he is trying to make the lives of his friends happier and more easily, as does their support and stand by their side, he does not hide his feelings if his friend Btejeb hope, as it does tell it without hesitation, as it does not allow bad often behavior, and serious in some cases it may be a friend is fun he would prefer to stay at home to go out with friends, but on the other hand does apologize with all the kindness of them, as he likes Friends inspired because it is based Balhamanm and pushing them to challenge the success and expected them to do so in return. [5]

When talking about the family believed that born Capricorn is highly regarded by his family and his loved ones because of his loyalty to them, he will never stop helping them, so he has a large social circle of family and friends close to him often, he feelings shows his actions not his words, as it meet friends and family in various types of activities or celebrations. [6]

Capricorn and professional life tower

Often it thought that the Capricorn of the most zodiac, perseverance and determination to work, permanent and trying to find practical solutions, so he prefers to focus on always work and achievement and keep away from wasting time, [7] can also be relied upon always when it comes to work, he is often associated responsibility, leadership, and it has a highly ambitious, despite its nature quiet too, as he has always been a goal in front of his eyes helped him to reach the summit, so he is doing his job with devotion and efficiency, it is a constant torque looking for success in all calmness and the pace of thought to move forward, built a road full of successes. [8]


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