What eats crow

What eats crow


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the crow

It is a crow bird belongs to Algraabiyat ranging in size between the medium and large, and there is a belief he believes a lot of people to see the crow a bad omen, may be due to the black color and high voice, and multiple types of crow, forms, and its factions, and types of crow fan, crow Indian homes , Raven papers shall, and chough, and magpie Asiri, crow extreme heat, crow Alzag, so Snarafkm in this article on food crow, places of residence, and her nest, and attributes, in addition to its votes.

What eats crow

Considered meat food basic crow, but the crows very black eat everything, such as fruits, birds, vegetables, small animals, fish, lizards, bread, worms, insects, carrion, which store their food and hide in bags and leaves away from the eyes of enemies of birds other.

Accommodation Raven

Crows dramatically spread in hot places, moderate, and cold, they are found in the farms, and places of trees, and in the villages, cities, deserts, mountains, plains, wasteland, hills and valleys, they live in all places except Naozlalnda, some Bollinsa Islands, characterized by crows very intelligent and strong beak, as each foot includes four fingers moving one back.


Is a collection of accumulated tree leaves, feathers, twigs and sticks Alnashvh, materials shiny and colorful are attracted to it crows, it is not strange to find in their nests shiny things gilded, cut colorful soap and attractive, it is decorated nest these bright things color and attractive.

Crow recipes

Characterized by crows as social birds live in large gatherings known as: the roost, and lives Palmjtm one of thousands of crows that belong to one species, which is found on a number of adjacent trees, and the reason for their living together in this way to the belief that the multitude overcome the courage and strength are weak for hawks, owls and increasingly active at night, and seek to prey on crows, and when the injury of a member of the group was unable to fly the disease Vstguetlh group and avoid the injury bury the rest of the members of the group infected.

The crow's sound

Produced by crows sounds very high and with frequencies varied, and are these frequencies the language of acquaintance between one group, which is characterized by every kind of crows voice specific frequency of its own, which serves as the blades intelligence per group. When a crows heard a strange sound to crow another variant of its kind, issued crow noises continuously through which assemble the group and their response to different crow about.


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