What eats a parrot-Dura

What eats a parrot-Dura


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Parrots class of bird groups, characterized in that it Menkara fit to deal with the harsh seeds, and a small overall size and their bodies graceful, and have long tails with the edge of the smooth, it has been classified biologists including 115 species in nature. It is very popular to keep many of the parrot species as pets; It is characterized by that it has bright colors, strong in terms of movement and the issuance of votes and his activity, it may be very quarrelsome with other birds if placed in the cage. Famous for certain types of parrot, although the numbers are small, their ability to imitate sounds and other objects efficiently excellent. [1]

Live parrots in warm areas in most parts of the world, a number many particularly in some countries, most notably India, Sri Lanka, Australia and around the Pacific Islands, as well as in Southeast Asia and tropical regions of the Americas. These birds tend to move in a very huge swarms, where flying in search of rich places with food, and sometimes a large swarm of them have landed in a grain farmer to get food, and therefore are considered (in some places) severe pest risk to agriculture. [1]

Description Parrot Dura

The length parakeet Durra from 18 to 20 centimeters, and weighs from 22 to 32 grams. Characterized Parrots Dura adult, both female ones or males, that most of their feathers ranging in color between yellow and green, as her face completely yellow, beak Zitouni, white eyes, and imbue and Jnatha from the bottom in blue or purple, especially among females, and have a little around her neck black spots The rest of her body Vokhaddr, and blue tail. Bird is very different that have little spots on the neck, and that the yellow forehead covered by black lines, and its tail is shorter and the color of her eyes dark brown. [2]

What eats a parrot-Dura

Deals with al-Dura parrot in captivity for many kinds of vegetarian food, and can be made to mixtures of seeds available in the shops, or fresh fruits and vegetables. [2]

In the wild, the natural food parrot-Dura is the seed, such as grass seeds and seeds of plants grown crops including, [2] and even the seeds of weeds, as well as wheat in rare cases. When these birds live in the wild they deliberately go out in search of their diet, either early in the morning or before sunset; So as to avoid the extreme heat at noon time. [3]

In the dry season, water becomes scarce, and then travel these parrots vast distances in search of new sources of drinking, and can fly - in these trips - more quickly than one hundred kilometers per hour to reach places where water is available. [4]

And the behavior of the life of a parrot-Dura

Parrot Dura most prevalent types of parrots as a pet, which is also called bird love (in English: Lovebird). Has many colors very diverse, as is often the color of feathers is green or yellow, but sometimes has colored spots on the face and distinctive lines on his chest, and different colors, patterns according to strain. Is similar to male and female parakeet al-Dura in terms of appearance. Moving these birds in large flocks flying over land and meadows grass in the continent of Australia, which live in large colonies and taken to the same nests in the trunks of trees, and put between six to eight eggs twice a year, she lives in nature for long periods ranging from five to ten years . [1]

Dura inhabit the wilds of the continent Parrots Australia is very large numbers, with an estimated population of more than five million birds, so they are considered in less cases at risk of extinction. The only threat facing the survival of these birds is that huge numbers of them die every year when periods of drought solutions, however, have a strong ability to reproduce; So that their numbers back to rise when mating. Moreover, these animals benefit from human activity in agriculture and irrigation systems, as it provides them with food and drink this activity. Most of these birds are located in the dry deserts in the center of Australia, while the coastal areas, they are relatively rare, it prefers semi-dry environments slightly wet, and migrate towards the north of the continent in the winter. [2]

Breeding parrot-Dura

Of vogue often keep a parrot-Dura as a kind of pet, it is the type of bird has a high popularity, and is an excellent start for beginners or new pet breeding; Aftyor Dura usually lively and cheerful, and does not have many requirements or complex compared to other larger birds, they are able to withstand the difficult conditions and is comfortable in their natural habitat, as well as in families. When you keep this bird and Ahida become playful and linked to his neighbor, but he also likes to get a companion of the same kind in the cage. It can be purchased from either pedagogue birds so have trained and prepared to interact with a human, or from a pet store where it is cheaper but less training. [5]

The live parrot Durra for very long periods when well cared for in captivity; Where old up to fifteen years. It is supposed to keep this bird in a cage at least a height of about seventy-six centimeters, and to allocate a diameter nest fifteen centimeters. Put the female parrot Durra every time four to eight eggs, which hatch chicks after the incubation period lasts for eighteen days, young and needs to be about a month ago to grow feathers. [2]


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