What does the olive oil for hair

What does the olive oil for hair


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olive oil

The olive tree is a blessed tree in the Islamic religion, was mentioned in the Koran so as to its importance and the large number of benefits to us. The olive oil is produced through the era of the fruits of olive oil and this is used in several areas; Well placed in cooking, pharmacy, medicine, and in the soap industry, and is a healthy diet full of useful fats and vitamins, olive oil contains important nutritional value; As it contains a percentage of calories up about 119 calories and contains olive oil on a high proportion of fat, and the proportion of saturated fat. [1]

The benefits of olive oil for hair

Many benefits of olive oil hair benefit, including: [2]

  • Olive oil works Kpslm natural hair, Vinamh, and strengthens and makes it more flexible.
  • Handles olive oil scalp, and works her moisturizer.
  • When mixing olive oil with coffee and put them on the hair, they are working Kimbrough hair.
  • Olive oil is a great balm for damaged hair, so by heating a quarter of a cup of it medium temperature, massage and hair do well, Wolf hair a plastic cover for an hour of time.
  • Easy to comb the hair and jaw hotlink olive oil.
  • Contributes to olive oil to retain moisture hair, and makes it a scintillating brilliant.
  • Olive oil treats the problem of hair loss, handles damaged hair instead of using chemical preparations.
  • It kills lice olive oil from hair, by placing olive oil for half an hour on the hair, and rubbed well, and repeat this process for ten days.
  • Olive oil contains pigments help reduce the appearance of hair white, keep hair natural turquoise.
  • Contributes to olive oil in calming the wavy hair after oil spray on the hair before Tmsheeth.
  • Olive oil is used to increase hair growth rate, through the work of bath him and put it on the hair, and is done by mixing half a cup of it with the yolks and one egg, a few drops of lemon, and then the mask put on the hair for a quarter of an hour, then you should wash the hair well .
  • Eating olive oil directly into the food contributes to maintaining the health of the hair and protect it from precipitation. Eating olive oil also contributes to improving the digestion process and make strong teeth and hair as well as stronger, as the skin becomes more shiny.
  • Asaam olive oil in moisturizing the hair because it contains vitamin A and vitamin E.
  • Olive oil kills bacteria that may be found in the hair; Where it kills bacteria and fungi, and eliminates lice and dandruff.

The benefits of public olive oil

Of the benefits of olive oil: [3]

  • It contributes to the granting of the flexibility of the arteries and protect the body from infection strokes and heart attacks.
  • Olive oil reduces the feeling of hunger.
  • Olive oil reduces the risk of heart disease in women.
  • Olive oil reduces the appearance of acne.
  • Olive oil resists breast cancer.
  • It has benefits in improving the overall health of the body.
  • Olive oil reduces cellulite.
  • Olive oil helps to get rid of sun damage.
  • Olive oil contributes to the alleviation of dental pain.
  • Olive oil helps to clean sensitive skin, remove nail polish, moisturizing skin, feet and lips.
  • Olive oil provides Vitamin E body, by eating two tablespoons of it a day.


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