What do you mean IP

What do you mean IP


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IP address

Internet Protocol (Internet Protocol) address, which is the title of a digital logic that is assigned for each computer, or printer, or adapter, or router, or any other device that is part of the TCP / IP network, and is the IP address of the primary component that was built by the network structure; Where there is no Internet without an IP address, is the address used to identify each node in the network uniquely, connects the Internet world to each other. [1]

Process IP

When sending or receiving data, such as: e-mail, or Web page, the message is divided into small parts called packets (packets), and each package of these packages on the sender's Internet address, and the address of the future, and is sent any package first to a computer , to understand a small part of the Internet, and the destination address and forwards the packet to an adjacent entrance, in turn, reads the destination address, etc. via the Internet until one doorways recognize the package that belong to a computer within the direct scope, and is the gateway forwards the packet directly to the the computer that was specified address. [2]

Since the divided message to the number of packets, you can send each package via a different route through the Internet -If necessary Alomr-, and can reach the packets in a different order from the order in which they were sent by, and the Internet Protocol delivered, and then the Transmission Control Protocol ( TCP) to re-placed in the correct order. [2]

Types of IP address

All IP addresses consist of letters and numbers, and there are many types of Internet Protocol address (IP), used for different purposes, namely: [3]

  • Private IP addresses: used in internal networks, such as: Internet inside the house.
  • General IP addresses: used outside the network, and is assigned by your Internet service provider.
  • Static IP addresses: the IP address that is assigned manually.
  • Dynamic IP addresses: the IP address that is assigned by the DHCP server.


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