What do you feel sick sugar

What do you feel sick sugar


  • 1 Introduction
  • What do you feel 2 diabetic 2.1 Video What do you feel sick with diabetes 2.2 Dizziness 2.3 head pain 2.4 coma 2.5 feeling too hot or cold 2.6 swollen feet 2.7 aches in the joints 2.8 effect of diabetes on the hearing and consider
  • 2.1 Video What do you feel sick with diabetes
  • 2.2 Dizziness
  • 2.3 head pain
  • 2.4 coma
  • 2.5 feeling too hot or cold
  • 2.6 swollen feet
  • 2.7 aches in the joints
  • 2.8 effect of diabetes on the hearing and consider
  • 3 How to cope with diabetes

an introduction

Spread diseases in the past few years so that life has become for us a group of drugs we use when we have had it, and it was necessary to deal with all the diseases that it strikes with patience and endurance, God Almighty to make diseases in this life in the form of a test and the test of our endurance, it is not his patient that great reward in this world and the Hereafter, and Allah has made for each disease medicine, but the man could not have access to all the medication he needs to get rid of the diseases that have emerged recently; Which led to further spread dramatically, became no distinction between small or large, and all around us infected with diseases, and the most prominent diseases topped the list in the last ten years had diabetes, which was considered age disease, became remarkably widespread in our lives, can no longer be control; Because the more time it passed the greater unity.

What do you feel sick sugar

The diabetes of the leading diseases that gained the attention of global health organizations, which in turn has worked to find many solutions on this disease, but the result were not satisfactory hundred percent, especially that this disease from friends patient, who endured throughout the period of his life, and possible that the human it adapts, Vieih a normal life, the person who exceeds the limits, the disease Sahlkh from the beginning until the end, Fmarb diabetes feel that this life is nearing completion, and that's what make it seem bad, in the belief that the disease from disease simple, and the fact that diabetes is a disease disease which destroys the body dramatically, affect immunity and strength, and everything related to the possibility of communicating with others, and known that this disease is characterized by many symptoms that the Azemtk a certain period, you are infected inevitably the disease, and you should follow the appropriate treatment in order to overcome the danger, which may affect life in general, and on the other hand, the disease may be one of the most enemies of man if he was able to adapt to him in general.

Video What do you feel sick with diabetes

To find out more information about the symptoms of diabetes continued video.


Among the most important and the most prominent symptoms felt by the diabetic patient is that it is exposed to dizziness dramatically, as it prevented him from jobs that are supposed performance to help him to his life in general, it is also noticeable on the diabetic patient that he is not strong enough to stand for long periods; Because this causes him some kind of general fatigue or exhaustion, and this is associated in the future so-called osteoporosis, which affects the formation of bone itself, and make any influential movement by passively, Fmarb diabetes as a child, any blow or pain may feel easily, as soon as than you can imagine, especially if the disease is in its final stages, which need complete care of the patient himself can overcome the disease.


They display symptoms that begins with the diabetic patient day, it must be exposed to pain in the head is equal pain sister or migraine, and this is due to the lack of follow-up on the appropriate treatment on the one hand, and the high sugar or fall in blood significantly, and this see to the extent of the evolution of the situation over the years experienced by one, and some health organizations showed that diabetes may affect children aged seven years and over, it remains extended to the age of seventy, and this is what makes one exhibition full risk for complications than others who were infected periods of his life in the late stage of aging or the like.


And infect coma diabetic patients sugar rises have about three hundred, and catch them periodically, ie, they are susceptible to coma once a week at most, but it is natural that there will be protection from the coma, which may lead to death, according to statistics cited by the World Health Organizations, where It found that most people with diabetes die from a coma Tbaghthm, and most of them swallow his tongue, which works to close the airway and lead to suffocation, and thus to death, instructed the root cause of the coma to complex diets or non-regular, they affect the body's immune system and make it vulnerable to injury to collapse from time to time.

Feeling too hot or cold

As for the feeling of cold and heat it due to the high sugar or fall, and likely to be patient sweating even in the bitter cold times, this is normal, resulting from the speed of the combustion of sugar found in the body, but in this case the patient needs to be based to deal with the disease decisive, and taking his medication regularly arranged so that the proportion of sugar in the body, the patient may feel cold, but they are rare, where the patient feels chills, and his need for warmth cases even in times where the weather will be moderate.


And swelling of the feet, it affects the patient in general and make him unable to sense the parties to his body Kaloada, feet, etc., and that it may adversely affect, it is possible that the patient's injury is exposed, and do not feel so only after these become dangerous infection, and endangering his life, Fmarb diabetes has affected the existing nerve in the outskirts of the body, and remains incapable of feeling any sense may fall ill, intentionally or unintentionally, and it is always advisable to Aouka diabetic patient himself not to be subjected to sharp tools or movement in the dark places, this is better for their health and the safest for himself.

Pains in the joints

The joint pain of more indicators that demonstrate that an infected diabetic has surprised him tired and need to rest, he may suddenly feel that he is unable to stand or continue to walk, and needs to rest from time to time, and this is a strong influential and definitive guide that the patient may suffer from atrophy nerve located in the joint, and is likely to follow up the patient when physical therapy, which helps him to adapt to the new situation specialist, and protects the body from exposure to risk from time to time.

The effect of diabetes on the hearing and consider

Diabetic patient may begin to lose the basic senses Khach hearing and sense of sight, and this may lead to a sense of extreme frustration, Fmrd diabetes is not like any other disease, it kills the body on different human life stages, and works on the destruction of the eye network that helps vision, as they affect on the ear, especially the middle ear, and is required so that the specialist doctor to follow up the case, especially if the patient is suffering from this disease have long periods of time, have the effect to end up blindness if not immediate therapeutic intervention.

How to cope with diabetes

Like other diseases, the patient needs to follow up his case in general, and work to continue treatment, whatever the circumstances, and not to underestimate the meals covered, which have an adverse effect on health in general, even if the patient wanted to follow his way that he likes, it will require him to be conscious of the difficult situation experienced by, and most importantly to exercise aerobic exercise that helps blood flow in the body, it is also preferable that the patient follow a certain diet if weight plus, and a diet that was normal weight, and stay away from the causes that lead to the aggravation of disease such as sugars, fats, and others.


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