What causes the stability of weight while dieting

What causes the stability of weight while dieting


  • 1 harsh diet
  • 2 non-compliance
  • 3 neglect breakfast
  • 4 liquid calories
  • 5 eat large amounts
  • 6 dependence on sport
  • 7 video about the reasons for the stability of weight
  • 8 References

Harsh diet

Some follow a diet tough to lose weight quickly in the shortest possible time, but they do not know that losing weight fast can cause more damage to the body in the long term, where it says expert nutrition Nutrition Research Human Center's Center for Migrant Resource in Cambridge burn fat if the weight loss process leisurely, while the harsh diet causes fat burning, and Hizlan muscles and tissues, slowing metabolism and weight will increase self-evident when the completion of the diet; Because of slowing metabolic processes in the body. [1]

Lack of commitment

We should pay attention and commitment to foods that must be eaten during the day; As the small pieces that may be eaten between meals may have an impact on the lack of weight loss, if you eat a small piece that the mother leaves her children, or eat a small piece of cookies. [1]

Neglect breakfast

The breakfast of the most important meals during the day, where active metabolic processes, and metabolism in the body, and sends the body a sense of comfort, the person will not have to eat snacks if fast well. [1] The breakfast is healthy if it contained protein and fiber; Such as breakfast and meals that contain eggs, bread, and grapefruit ensure where people feel full until lunch time. [2]

Calorie liquid

The body gets calories from fluids entering the body, such as: juices, coffee, tea, soda, which often contain sugar, making them contribute to weight gain, especially since drinking these fluids quenches thirst only and does not fill the hunger, and to avoid it can be mitigated drink these fluids or replace drinking water. [2]

Eat large quantities

Some eat large amounts of food without paying attention to it, and to skip eating problem in large quantities; Can follow a particular system, such as placing the food in a dish smaller than the usual dish, or not to eat all the amount placed in the dish. [2]

Dependence on sport

Can not rely entirely on aerobic exercise in weight loss and diet, where you must change other healthy habits, because the body may burn 400 calories during exercise, sports, and offset later when eating a high-calorie. [3]

Video about the reasons for the stability of weight

To identify the reasons for the stability of the weight Watch the video.


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