What causes the imbalance

What causes the imbalance


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The existence of problems in balance it may cause dizziness and make you feel as if you spin yourself around or move when you are standing or in the case of sitting as a result, you may Araodk feeling as bad as that would interfere with daily life, and the existence of problems in the balance when individuals can lead to their downfall, which may cause broken bones and other injuries. [1]

Situations that cause problems in the balance

Of the rotor of a balance problems which causes dizziness when you move your head, the symptoms usually occur when you look behind you or looking for an item subject over your head, and can be an infection of the inner ear or ear infection that makes you feel a state of vertigo and instability either side of him as a show, in addition to that the rotor may be an offer for each of the flu or respiratory infections upper, and there are other cases of causing balance problems, hearing loss, feeling the presence of tinnitus constantly in the ears, including Meniere's disease "change the volume of fluid in the ear", as problems can occur in the balance as what happened leaking liquid inner ear as a result of exposure to head injury, or physical activity is hard, may occur as a result of ear infections, or air pressure changes, as balance problems may be a companion to travel by sea in some individuals, but for the roundabout, which lasts for periods of days or months lost The reason for the defect equilibria of a tumor, such as tumors of the auditory nerve. [2]

Symptoms of having problems in the balance

The initial symptoms of the problems of balance is dizziness and the feeling that the room revolves around you, and may also be difficult for those who suffer problems equilibria walk without falling, and other symptoms include: [3]

  • Blurred vision.
  • Mental confusion or disorientation.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Feelings of depression, fear, or anxiety.
  • Tired.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • diarrhea.
  • Blood pressure and heart rate changes.

How is the diagnosis of problems in the balance?

The problems in the balance are difficult to treat in the case is not clear why, because they may be caused by many factors, so ask your doctor about your symptoms and your review of your medical history to see drugs that are taken and to know as what was related to the balance, and in some cases, you are referred to a specialist "ear, nose, and throat" which works to conduct tests to determine the cause and severity of the problem. [4]

Video dizziness, dizziness, lack of balance

To learn more information about dizziness and vertigo and unbalance watched the video.


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