What causes pallor

What causes pallor


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The word of pallor (pale); Any difference to the color of the skin pallor, and is the lightest color of the natural color of the face. And it is not considered pallor something serious; If only pallor in all the body; Such as the face and tongue and lips and hands ....

Reasons pallor

  • Not to be subjected to the sun enough for the skin.
  • Injury to a person with anemia; Which causes pallor.
  • A person's exposure to acute bleeding.
  • Pale face because of the low rate of sugar in the blood.
  • When the person is exposed to trauma; The reaction of his body appears to shock becomes pale from fear.
  • Blockage of blood vessels in the extremities; The appearance of pallor caused the person.
  • Cancer and other chronic diseases Espbwa pallor.
  • Cells exposed to damage, and is the body's tissues due to extreme cold, contribute to the pallor person.

And pallor shows due to low blood flow relative to the skin, or the back because of the lack pallor number of red blood cells in the human body.

Symptoms of pale face and marks

  • General weakness in the body, and feeling unwell.
  • Weakness in the vision of the person.
  • Lack of a person's ability to withstand cold climates.
  • Feeling dizzy and dizziness.
  • Tingling feeling in the body and in Alkhaddran parties.

Treatment of pallor

  • That the person cares Bgmaih, follows the healthy diet; Rich in vitamins and important minerals for the body, after consulting your doctor.
  • In severe cases of anemia, or in cases of severe bleeding; Blood is transferred to the patient.
  • In the event of a blockage in the peripheral vascular; The surgical intervention.

Complications pallor

  • The person may become pale faint.
  • Damage may occur in the nerves, and muscle damage in severe cases.
  • Feeling very tired person and fatigue.
  • A person's exposure to frequent fall.
  • The person may become gangrenous.
  • Low blood pressure when the person.
  • Damage in some of the body's internal organs in advanced stages.

Video What causes pallor?

Do you show your face pale? Some patients and Aznk or you did not sleep for several days? What is the reason behind you, you see? :


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