What causes jerk hand

What causes jerk hand


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Jerk hand

Are the symptoms occur Walid and some parts of the body as a result of diseases, health and psychological problems and fatigue, malnutrition, insomnia and with the progress of age may be genetically and be quick hands and movement constantly and be movement involuntarily.

Causes jerk hand

  • Diseases that occur Shiver such as cancerous tumors and diseases of the thyroid and anemia.
  • Drinking beverages containing caffeine and excessive ingested, such as coffee, soft drinks and drinking alcohol.
  • Insomnia and inability to sleep for long periods of time affects the nerves leading to the loss of control and lack of equilibrium and thus occur Shiver.
  • Lack of eating for long periods of time with continuous work body loses all the necessary elements and minerals.
  • Drug abuse of all kinds, leading to damage to the brain, lose balance and body control.
  • Eating large doses of insulin for diabetics causes a decrease in the level of blood pressure.
  • Extreme fear and progress in age.

Symptoms of jerk hands

  • Lack of control of the continuous movement of the hands.
  • Blurred eyes.
  • Swivel head.
  • Vomiting.

Treatment of hands-jerk

E *. If you are suffering from Notifiable that causes chills, such as diabetes and genetic diseases, there is no need to worry about, but if due to tumors or because of anemia or due to diseases of thyroid, you should consult your doctor and therefore your doctor will diagnose your condition to find out why Shiver by making the necessary tests.

  • In some cases, do not use drugs to treat chills but have organized food and eat foods rich in vitamins, protein, fiber and carbohydrates that provide the body with the necessary comfort and full of the injured shivery energy and make the body regain his usual.
  • If Shiver as a result of organic disease in the body, the doctor who will diagnose the condition the patient by giving him the appropriate treatment according to the condition that requires treatment and disposal of the case, aging causes chills and in these cases, there is no radical treatment.
  • On the drug deals take off her to treat diseases caused by his treatment by a specialist doctor.
  • Identify specific times to sleep and wake up with care to take enough sleep.
  • Exercise am making the body stronger and become more resistant and immune to all diseases.
  • Be careful to eat milk and eggs constantly because they are more foods that strengthen the entire body and provide him with the necessary energy.

Video for Parkinson's disease

To learn more information about the treatment in the absence of Parkinson's patients in response to traditional treatments watched video.


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