What causes estrogen deficiency

What causes estrogen deficiency


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  • 2 reasons for the lack of estrogen
  • 3 Factors influencing the lack of the hormone estrogen
  • 4 deficiency symptoms of estrogen
  • 5 laboratory testing and treatment of hormone deficiency
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The hormone estrogen in the body appears on three forms, namely: [1]

  • Hormone Alastriol: make Alastriol hormone (in English: Estriol) of the placenta in pregnancy.
  • Estradiol: make estradiol hormone (in English: Estradiol) during the period when the age of hope for women in ovale channels, which is responsible for the emergence of the feminine qualities and helps to maintain bone health in women, and is the most important hormone in reproductive problems in women fibroblasts Kalouram.
  • Hormone Alastron: a hormone Alastron (in English: Estrone) the main form of the hormone estrogen in women over the age of hope and there is a period of this hormone throughout the body.

The reasons for the lack of the hormone estrogen

There are many reasons for the lack of the hormone estrogen Kalomrad that affect the ovaries, and increase the woman's age and approaching menopause, and there are other reasons leading to the decline include the following: [2]

  • Thyroid problems.
  • KSL pituitary gland.
  • chemotherapy.
  • The acute shortage of weight.
  • Early ovarian failure.
  • Birth defects such as Turner syndrome.
  • Genetic factor.

Factors affecting the lack of the hormone estrogen

The most common factors that cause hormone deficiency include estrogen in women include: [3]

  • Age.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Following harsh diet.
  • Harsh physical exercises.
  • Thyroid problems.

Symptoms of estrogen deficiency

Symptoms of estrogen deficiency are: [2]

  • Irregular menstrual cycle: which causes a decrease in the level of estrogen, a break in the menstrual cycle or lack thereof, where the hormone is responsible.
  • Infertility prevents this hormone deficiency in the process of ovulation, and reduces the likelihood of pregnancy and can lead to infertility.
  • Weakness in the bones: women suffer in menopause from the low level of estrogen in the body is shown in the form of bone fractures and fragility of problems, because of its importance in maintaining bone strength and health.
  • Pain during intercourse: decline lead to dryness in the vagina, making intercourse painful.
  • Depression: Reduces the low level of the hormone estrogen in the body is responsible for promoting the production of serotonin mood, leading to mood swings.

Laboratory testing and treatment of hormone deficiency

Knowing the level of the hormone estrogen is precisely through the work of laboratory testing of a sample of blood, and can result from this analysis stand on the development of hormone levels in the body; And find out the truth that the reasons behind this decline. In some cases, it does not call for concern, especially when older women; Since this is normal and does not need to treat little, but at least older women; It may resort to hormone replacement therapy to return hormone levels to normal. Diet is very important in hormone production and installation level, the food system that relies on fiber and small amounts of fat and carbohydrates; It works to control the hormonal changes in the body, in addition to the rich obey estrogen, such as soybeans, peas, fruits and others.

Video What causes a lack of estrogen?

Lack of the hormone estrogen may affect the body significantly, what are the reasons for the shortage? Watch the video to know the answer:


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