What causes cooler parties

What causes cooler parties


  • 1 cooler parties
  • 2 reasons for cooler parties 2.1 cold climate 2.2 Raynaud's syndrome 2.3 poor peripheral arteries 2.4 stress and anxiety 2.5 bloody cycle problems 2.6 Anemia 2.7 Diabetes 2.8 hypothyroidism 2.9 Other reasons
  • 2.1 cold climate
  • 2.2 Raynaud's syndrome
  • 2.3 poor peripheral arteries
  • 2.4 stress and anxiety
  • 2.5 bloody cycle problems
  • 2.6 Anemia
  • 2.7 Diabetes
  • 2.8 hypothyroidism
  • 2.9 Other reasons
  • 3 Video What are the causes of cold feet?
  • 4 References

Cooler parties

Is natural that a person feels coldly parties between now and then, due to a variation of temperature, and the health status of the body, and lifestyle; [1] and when exposed to cool climate body works on the concentration of blood flow to vital organs to maintain warmth, leading to a decline in the flow blood to the peripheral parts such as arms, legs, ears, nose, feeling Berodtha, ranging from symptoms associated with the cooler parties between light and severe, and in fact can be ignored mild symptoms infrequent, while you can not ignore the severe symptoms or repeated they need to see a doctor and treat causing the problem her. [2] [3]

The reasons for cooler parties

There are many different reasons that may lead to injury coldly parties, among them the following.

Cold climate

Parties are considered cooler means a natural body to deal with low external temperatures in the atmosphere; Where the body is designed to reduce the amount of heat lost from the body, through the constriction of blood vessels in the limbs to reduce blood flow to these areas temporarily, while looseness occurs in the blood vessels responsible for blood vital organs such as heart conduction, lungs, brain, thereby increasing blood flow and heat for these areas, and in fact may produce blood vessels for a long period of narrowing, reduced the amount of blood flowing to the parties to some health problems, as a result of the low amount of oxygen connecting to these tissues, it may change the color of the fingers of the color blue, which is known Balzarkh (in English: Cyanosis), and returns the color normal fingers after the return of blood flow properly, but may be accompanied by swelling, pain, numbness, and in fact, the frequency of this problem may result in the appearance of skin ulcers, and tissue death. [4] [1]

Raynaud's syndrome

Raynaud's syndrome affect (English: Raynaud's syndrome) in the arteries responsible for the transfusion of blood from the heart to the various parts of the body, and lead to a contraction or a temporary and sudden blood vessels narrowing, and are considered the areas most affected by the hands disorder, fingers, toes, usually begins bout Raynaud as a result of exposure to stress and stress, or sudden exposure to cold temperatures, and the Nuba lasts from a few minutes to a full hour, and at least during which blood flow to the hands and feet, which will result in a feeling of coldness in the limbs, in addition to the possibility of changing the fingers color temporarily. [3 ] [5]

Poor peripheral arteries

Produces cooler parties sometimes for the incidence of peripheral artery (in English: Peripheral artery disease), the disease is Btadhaq or blockage of peripheral arteries close to the parties, due to the accumulation of plaque (in English: Plaque) gradually on the inner walls of the arteries, resulting in poor blood supply to the parties and therefore a sense of cold, and in fact, this disease often affects older people, as rising risk of developing the disease in people smokers or people with diabetes after reaching the age of fifty, and it should be noted that peripheral artery disease coexists with other symptoms such as ; Leg cramps, or feeling pain when walking or weight, hair loss and legs, changes in the nails. [5] [6]

Stress and anxiety

The body naturally secrete adrenaline (in English: Adrenaline) in the blood when feeling a high degree of stress and anxiety, with the aim of peripheral vessels in the limbs narrow, thus preserving the body's energy for the body's use to defend itself in the event of exposure to risk, and it should be noted that exposure frequent severe tension, cooler parties may lead to some health problems, so be careful to avoid stress and learn the techniques of control for the prevention of these health problems. [1]

Bloody cycle problems

It considered the circulatory problems of the common causes of cooler parties; Where less warm blood supply to the hands and feet, and there are several reasons may lead to problems in the circulatory system, including the following: [1]

  • Lifestyle and sit idle for long periods.
  • Smoking.
  • High cholesterol level and the accumulation of plaque in the arteries.
  • Some heart disease.


Anemia occurs (in English: Anemia) as a result of the low proportion of red blood cells healthy in the blood, as a result of iron deficiency, or vitamin B12 deficiency, or lack of folate, or the incidence of chronic kidney, and a number of other health problems, and in fact, medium cases , severe anemia may lead to a feeling of coldness parties, but can through appropriate treatment, and make some changes to the pattern of food, eat food supplements, to get rid of this problem. [1]


The risk of rising problems of blood circulation in individuals with diabetes, and high sugar frequently level resulting in a narrowing of the arteries and reduced blood flow to the tissues, leading to cooler parties, in addition to the lack of control over blood sugar levels for a long period of patient occurrence of exposure damage nerve, disease, and this is known as diabetic peripheral neuropathy (in English: diabetic peripheral neuropathy), has been associated with this problem, some of the other symptoms, such as tingling and burning, cooler internal feet despite the warm feel of the touch from the outside, and in fact these symptoms are getting worse during the night period. [1] [6]


The thyroid gland plays an important role in many vital functions in the body, and if there were deficiencies in the work of the thyroid hormone level decreases in the body, which adversely affects the rate of metabolism, blood circulation and heart rate, body temperature, so the lack of activity of the thyroid gland can cause cooler parties, and increased sensitivity to cold in general. [1]

other reasons

There are a number of other reasons that may lead to the suffering of the cooler parties, including: [3] [6]

  • Some drugs: such as chemotherapy drugs, birth control pills, medication allergies and colds, and beta-blockers (in English: Beta blockers) used to treat high pressure, and some migraine treatment medications.
  • Restless Legs Syndrome: (English: Restless legs syndrome), is a neurological disorder that causes a strange feeling in the legs at rest, such as; Crawl, pain, and cold sometimes.
  • Tunnel syndrome tarsal: (English: Tarsal tunnel syndrome), a neurological disease that is more common in patients with diabetes, caused by pressure on the nerves of the ankle and foot.

Video What are the causes of cold feet?

Do you suffer from the problem of cold feet? First cools and you and what else heats up! What reasons Brodthma? :


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