What cause yellowing nails

What cause yellowing nails


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  • 2 What cause yellowing nails 2.1 The presence of health problems 2.2 fungal infections 2.3 Smoking 2.4 nail polish put a lot 2.5 General reasons
  • 2.1 The presence of health problems
  • 2.2 fungal infections
  • 2.3 Smoking
  • 2.4 nail polish put a lot
  • 2.5 General reasons
  • 3 natural recipes for the treatment of yellowing nails


It is known as the nail as a solid Lebanon finger covering human, and consists primarily of keratin, and it must be noted that it is characterized by the transparent turquoise that appears beneath the color pink, but it may object to many of the problems that affect it and lose the health color becomes yellow, causing the feeling of anxiety and discomfort and the discomfort of a person, look for a reason for this yellowness and tries to be identified to determine the appropriate treatment, so in this article Snarafkm on the causes and treatment methods.

What cause yellowing nails

The presence of health problems

Shows yellowing nails on having health problems in the body, such as diseases of the lung, or liver disease, or kidney disease, diabetes, malnutrition, or the incidence of certain skin diseases as a disease eczema, where the body loses much needed to keep the nutrients on the safety of nails, Kalzenk iron , it requires conducting medical tests to make sure there is no health problems cause this problem, and try to treat as soon as observed.

Fungal infections

Cause fungal infection to change the color of nails to brown or yellow, appears foul smell of nail, because of the fungus between the nail and finger meat, so it should be to consult a doctor and take an anti-fungal, or the use of appropriate topical treatment.


Smoking leads to supply the body with a large amount of nicotine that affects the body's overall health, which leads to yellowing teeth, and nails are also requiring quitting smoking.

Put nail polish heavily

Propagation directly leads from the development of the nail polish, the wrong use it, having it on the nail without the use of transparent paint to protect it to prevent oxygen from reaching the nail, note that oxygen is essential to maintain the natural color of the nail, requires reducing the use of nail polish and the use of good varieties of it.

General reasons

  • Immersion nails in water for long periods.
  • Moisturizing nails more than necessary.
  • Lack of the amount of vitamins and minerals in the body than normal, especially vitamin C, copper, iron, and silicon.
  • Exposing the nails strong and harmful chemicals to health, such as pesticides.
  • Continuous exposure to high temperatures and drought.

Natural recipes for the treatment of yellowing nails

  • Lemon: Fill a bowl with enough lukewarm water, and chopping the lemon slices, and put them in it, then soak the fingers in it for half an hour, then rub the nail gently through the use of a soft brush teeth, then washed with warm water, and dried well, moistened with cream, and advised these repeat the recipe twice every day to get satisfactory results.
  • Baking soda: blending a large half teaspoon of baking soda with other hydrogen peroxide a small amount of lukewarm water to get a homogeneous mixture, then dip a cotton swab in it, and applied to the nails, and left for three minutes, and then washed with warm water, and is recommended to repeat this recipe once every six weeks to get meaningful results.
  • Apple cider vinegar: blending a half cup of apple cider vinegar with another of warm water, and soak nails in it for a third of an hour, well then dried with a towel soft, and is recommended to repeat this recipe three times every day for a month to get satisfactory results.


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