What are the units of measurement

What are the units of measurement


  • 1 Measurement Units
  • 2 rules must be observed when the measurement process
  • 3 cash generating units to measure
  • 4 units of measurement of time
  • 5 units measure length
  • 6 Examples of variety 6.1 Examples of converting cash generating units 6.2 Examples of converting units of time 6.3 Examples of transfer units length
  • 6.1 Examples of converting cash generating units
  • 6.2 Examples of converting units of time
  • 6.3 Examples of transfer units length
  • 7 Video units for measuring the distance
  • 8 References

Measurement units

Measurement: is a comparison between two things or more, a comparison the length of two people, as measured by the length of each person using the appropriate tool, to be built after judgment about whichever is longer than the other. [1] The units of measurement: they are turning what has been compared to the known quantities, and examples of quantities to be measured as follows: cash, time, length, mass, strength, size, heat, and also pressure, and energy. [1]

Rules must be observed when the measurement process

There are several rules must be taken into account when the measurement process, including the following three rules: [1]

  • The unit must be used in the appropriate measurement of the nature of the thing that has been measured, for example, length units are used to measure the length of something, either units of time they are used to measure the time ... and so on.
  • Sometimes the measurement units is not sufficient to get accurate measurements too, so we resort to the use of their parts, for example, when measuring body length in centimeters it would be more accurate than measuring close to the body Baldesimtrut, where is the measurement is like one decimal place more accurate than close to the nearest measuring integer.
  • To be the result of measurement is suitable for the instrument used in the measurement, when measuring the length of the body using the ruler fragmenting of Sntmitrut, it must be the result of measurement Balstnmtrut, where there may be the result of the measuring unit is not present instrument that was used in the measurement.

Cash generating units to measure

The criticism a significant role in our process, it is the tool that handles people in commercial transactions and operations of buying and selling, and is used in Jordan, the Jordanian dinar as a basic unit of sales transactions and purchase, and can double the dinar to get other cash categories, including five dinars category, and the category of ten dinars, as well as the category twenty fifty dinars. As for the units of the global cash used for the mismatch dollar, the franc and the euro, as the currency for each of these complications and parts of currencies. [2]

The parts of the dinar are for coins that represent half of the quarter, also ten pennies cut, five sharks, sharks, and the penny, and to turn one another must know the relationship between the dinar class and their parts, which helps to facilitate matters of daily life pertaining to exchange transactions buying and selling, including the following: [2]

  • Dinar = 100 penny.
  • Half of the dinar = 50 pts.
  • Quarter of a dinar = 25 pts.
  • Shark = 10 fils.

Measuring units of time

Time is important and key resources in organizing things of life, and time is measured in units of several namely: the centuries, decades, years, days, hours, minutes, seconds. [2]

There are quantitative relationships between these units as follows: [2] [3]

  • One century = 100 years.
  • Per contract = 10 years.
  • Per year = 365 days.
  • Per day = 24 hours.
  • One time = 60 minutes.
  • Per minute = 60 seconds.

Measurement units length

Measurement units length are the units used to measure the distance and height, and these units: kilometer (km), meter (m), Aldezimitr (creamy), centimeter (cm), millimeter (mm), please note that the order of the previous units in descending. [1 ]

In a statement to the relationship to one another comes: [1]

  • Each one kilometer = 1000 m. [3]
  • Each one meter = 10 creamy.
  • Each one meter = 100 cm.
  • Each one meter = 1000 mm.
  • Each one dm = 10 cm.
  • Each one centimeter = 10 mm.

When converting the unit from the larger to the smaller ones used beatings, but in case the conversion of the smaller greater use time division, where divides or hit units in one of the following numbers: 100.10, 1000, 10000. To understand this is the simplest of these can be represented by the units in the form of ladder, where he represents the smallest unit of the first class, and the largest unit of which represents the second degree, and so on. [2]

A variety of examples

Examples of converting cash generating units

Example: a teacher distributed in-kind gift for each student of 25 pts, if I learned that the number of students who distributed them gifts are 80 students, how many dinars expensive gifts that were distributed to the students. [2]

The solution:

Examples of converting units of time

Example: One of the staff began to work at seven o'clock in the morning, if the official hours are 6 hours permanency and 45 minutes, at which ends grandfather where this employee permanency. [2]

Examples of conversion units length

Example 1: If you know that the distance made by one of the persons is 3 km, this distance grandfather meters. [2]

Example 2: engineer bought 10 pieces of wire, the length of each piece of 20 cm, hard wire length that he bought in meters. [2]

Video units for measuring the distance

To learn more about distance measurement units watched the video.


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