What are the symptoms of hormone deficiency of testosterone

What are the symptoms of hormone deficiency of testosterone


  • 1 hormone testosterone
  • 2 reasons for the lack of testosterone
  • 3 deficiency symptoms hormone testosterone in men 3.1 mood swings and emotional 3.2 sexual disorders 3.3 physical changes 3.4 Hair Loss 3.5 Anemia 3.6 Sleep Disorders
  • 3.1 mood swings and emotional
  • 3.2 sexual disorders
  • 3.3 physical changes
  • 3.4 Hair Loss
  • 3.5 Anemia
  • 3.6 Sleep Disorders
  • 4 diagnosis of a lack of testosterone
  • 5 treatment of testosterone hormone deficiency
  • 6 risk of hormone therapy
  • 7 References

Hormone testosterone

Testosterone one of the most important sex hormones male, which is responsible for the emergence of secondary sexual characteristics in males, and this affects the level of the hormone on the sexual desire in men, where he suffers a lot of men from the symptoms of lack of this hormone without knowing the causes of these symptoms that can be treated by hormone replacement therapy, this is the hormone production of testosterone in the testicles in men, while the secretion of testosterone in small amounts in females, as works of this hormone in all stages of male life when the embryo formation this hormone is the hormone responsible for the genitals of the fetus in the womb appearance, and at the age of puberty works the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics, hormone testosterone in men and also works on the production of sperm, and also helps in bone and muscle growth and hair in men.

The reasons for the lack of testosterone

The progress in the age of the most important reasons that lead to the lack of the hormone testosterone, in addition to diseases that affect the reproductive glands responsible for this hormone production, such as inflammation of the testicles, and the incidence of cancer, chemotherapy, and diseases of the pituitary gland, and diseases related to the imbalance in chromosomes.

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men

Mood swings and emotional

Has been accompanied by low testosterone ratio (English: Testosterone) in men some mood swings, emotional, psychological, such as psychological anxiety, mood disorder, depression, irritability, as well as overall low sense of health, low motivation and self-confidence, some people suffer from loss concentration and memory impairment as well. [1] [2]

Sexual disorders

  • The difficulty of erection or maintain it.
  • Small in the size of the testicles.
  • Decline in the amount of semen which can result in fertility problems.
  • Decreased libido.

Physical changes

Testosterone plays a role in increasing muscle mass and body building muscles in general; Therefore, concomitant decline in the rate of hormone number of physical changes, among them the following: [2]

  • Low mass and muscle strength.
  • Hot flashes (in English: Hot flashes).
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Increase the amount of fat in the body.
  • Swelling and feeling pain when you touch the breasts.
  • Influence in the processes of cholesterol metabolism (in English: Cholesterol) in the body.
  • Fatigue and fatigue.

Hair Loss

It may accompany the low proportion of hormone testosterone loss head hair, body, and face; Therefore, the hormone is used in some cases to treat the problem of hair loss in men and women, but it should be noted that the head hair loss may be normal with age in men and women, and sometimes causes hereditary. [3] [4]


It helps testosterone on the production of red blood cells; Thus, this hormone decline may lead to anemia (in English: Anemia); Which is defined as a reduction in the number of red blood cells that carry oxygen to the various parts of the body, which leads to a feeling of fatigue and general weakness. [1]

Sleep disorders

Studies have shown the effect of low testosterone in the ability to sleep, and suffering from insomnia (in English: Insomnia), it is worth mentioning that hormone therapy testosterone increases the risk of apnea statica (English: Sleep apnea); It is of serious health problems that are accompanied by frequent interruption in sleep apnea; Causing sleep disturbances, which on the other hand may lead to a lack of testosterone levels in men. [2]

Diagnosis of lack of testosterone

To diagnose this hormone is performed blood test for people who are suffering from symptoms of this hormone, such as problems in the process of nationality, lack of or poor sperm count, and the doctor evaluates the growth of hair density, the size of the genitals, and to assess the level of bone density, with the possibility of an image of the pituitary gland to detect if there are tumors or problems in this gland, which in turn affect the level of secretion of hormones.

Treatment of testosterone hormone deficiency

Ataatm address the shortfall in the hormone testosterone through hormone replacement therapy, where hormones operate these alleviate the symptoms of this deficiency hormone, such as improving and increasing libido, relieve depression, increase bone and muscle mass, as the patient must inform the doctor in case of any complications treatment.

The risks of hormone therapy

  • You should not use hormone therapy in the incidence of cancer.
  • Do not use this treatment in the incidence of cases of cardiovascular disease because this treatment leads to heart muscle failure.
  • This treatment can lead to the large size of the breast and prostate in men, and can lead to follow this treatment to the occurrence of prostate cancer.


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