What are the symptoms of fistula sacrococcygeum

What are the symptoms of fistula sacrococcygeum

There are many injuries and medical conditions that afflict human because of the exercise of certain acts or activities continuously, and those injuries are common around the world in various ways; Where injured workers in the textile industries of lung disease, as well as workers in the chemical industries and mines, and businesses that require standing for long periods lead to injury varicose veins or sciatica, and sitting for long periods is one of the biggest factors that cause the situation that we are talking about in this subject, a fistula or fistula sacrococcygeum capillary.


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Sacrococcygeum fistula

Is a bag is made in the region in the extreme lower back, which is called the coccyx, it contains this bag on the hair or dead or both skin, and direct cause to be that the bag is a hole newly growing hair in the skin, the formation of a single block. The infected persons sacrococcygeum fistula at the age of young people by more than others, people exposed to sit for long periods Calcaiqan or administrative and office professionals. Coccygeal fistula known as fistula capillary

The causes of fistula sacrococcygeum

Fistula sacrococcygeum is a skin disease, so it is the direct cause of his appearance movements skin layers or erosion or pressure, and penetrate the hair to the skin as we mentioned, or friction between the skin and the skin, or skin and clothing as a result of obesity, or cycling, or wear tight clothes, and of course sit wrongly put pressure on that area, as well as sitting for long periods of time.

Symptoms of fistula sacrococcygeum

Symptoms of fistula sacrococcygeum be completely clear, and can not be confused with symptoms of anal fistula; Where the patient begins to feel discomfort in the lower back area or coccyx, and then start the stage of severe skin irritation with the feeling of pain when you sit down and perhaps when the movement, and the skin is irritated at that stage very sensitive, and the patient feels severe itching in the affected area. Cause those itching to open the skin and out accompanied by blood pus from the hole fistula, pus and have a smelly habit.

It can treat fistula sacrococcygeum by reviewing the doctor; Where the doctor opens the place of infection after anesthesia topically and clean up the bag from the inside, then leave the wound open with a wick in the wound from the inside are changed daily for a certain period, with reliance on antibiotics to accelerate the wound healing process, so as to try to ensure that the return of the fistula again and, in cases where the doctor to close the wound are higher chances of return fistula. The prevention of fistula sacrococcygeum can be guaranteed through simple actions related to personal hygiene, and not be allowed to increase body weight, as well as avoid sitting for long periods, and attention to hair removal by Karim in that region, especially for people living with fistula before.

Video for fistula sacrococcygeum

For more information, you can watch a video in which you talk Dr. tune Alqrhgola specialist general surgery, breast and laparoscopic about fistula sacrococcygeum.


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