What are the relaxation exercises

What are the relaxation exercises


  • 1 exercise self-motivation
  • Exercise 2 Yoga
  • 3 deep breathing exercise
  • 4 exercise progressive muscle relaxation
  • 5 References

Exercise self-motivation

This exercise depends on the same person, and inside, where he is based on the use of visual perception, Avaolh with the body consciousness in order to reduce stress, anxiety, where he imagines a person a place, or a situation is calm, and repeat some of the words and gestures that can help you relax and reduce muscle tension, and then begins to focus on his breathing, trying to relax, slow down the rate of heartbeat, or even feeling relaxed leg, and arm. [1]

Yoga Exercises

The exercises of yoga, tai chi, Altchivong together ancient arts that combines breathing rhythm, with a series of physical postures, so flexibility improves the balance of the body, and increase mental focus, which helps to distract the person from racing thoughts in his head, however, is not advisable in this exercises for people with health problems, Oouhalat difficult, or even if the person is inactive usually, they are considered difficult exercises somewhat. [2]

Deep breathing exercise

Resist breathing deeply the effects of stress by slowing heart rate, lowering blood pressure as well, according to what was said by Dr. Judith Tutin, and be deep breathing by taking a break for five minutes, then stand up straight, and close the eyes, and put the hand on the abdomen to feel the air , then breathe slowly with feeling it inside, then take it out of the mouth. [3]

Exercise progressive muscle relaxation

This exercise depends on tightening the muscles slowly, and then relax them, and can perform the exercise by tightening the muscles of the toes, and climb gradually in the body, to be a period of tightening the muscles 5 seconds, then relax for 30 seconds, and re-ball, where this helps exercise focus the difference between the tightening muscles of the body, thereby increasing the awareness of physical sensations through each set of focus attention alone muscle. [1]


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