What are the reasons not to sleep at night

What are the reasons not to sleep at night


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Deprivation of sleep at night

The deprivation of sleep at night, or what is known as insomnia problem for many people, and they either suffer from their inability to sleep through the night, or the difficulty of sleep soundly enough to restore the body to balance the beginning of a new day active and energetic. As you may have trouble waking up at a very early time and their inability to resume sleep again, leading to a decline in vital energy of the body and irritable, and weaken the health status of the person insomniac and declining job performance at work. [1]

Different hours of sleep that the body needs from one person to another, so there are no official figures on a certain number of hours, but the natural rate needed by an adult person ranges from 7-9 hours each night, with young children and babies may need to be the largest number of that , and the elderly may need less than this average day. [2]

In the event of deprivation of sleep for several days or weeks of insomnia then be a temporary condition, and sometimes that lasted for several months or years, it becomes a chronic condition caused by other diseases or sign a certain ill-infected individual. [3]

Reasons not to sleep at night

The reasons for lack of sleep at night (insomnia) is very versatile; It can either be the result of certain diseases affecting the person insomniac, making the lack of sleep at night a chronic condition, or because of psychological factors sometimes occur and lead to a temporary insomnia. It also caused the wrong habits followed in sleep and lifestyle prevailing sleep disorders. And those reasons are still under medical studies periodically in order to help these people Almargin immortality to sleep at night naturally, and the ability to restore their activity and vitality. [3]

Some come with reasons that lead to lack of sleep at night:

  • Follow the wrong sleep habits, such as spending long nap during periods of the day, which leads to lack of sleep well at night, and a disturbance in the body's biological clock. As well as waking up in the very late hours of the morning; Valastiqaz such as the back is usually not healthy at all, also caused disruption in the hours of sleep the night and repeated insomnia. [3]
  • Follow the behaviors of an unhealthy lifestyle daily that lead to the sleep disorder and the risk of insomnia. Examples include a hearty meal food before bedtime, drinking caffeine or alcoholic beverages late at night, and night shifts late or too early in the work, and travel in long flights. [1]
  • Lack of environment suitable for sleeping, such as high temperature of the bedroom is large, or snort partner in bed, or the noise of neighbors near the house, as well as the presence of lighting of electrical appliances in the bedroom, such as the light of a computer screen or television. [5]
  • The large number of mental concern or what is known as concerned, and perhaps this is the most serious reasons for lack of sleep at night, where the individual remains busy all the time to think about things cause stress, remember the tragic events occurred with him in the past, or excessive fear of the future, and his sense of blame for the large number of responsibilities upon himself and other things that cause a disturbance in the rhythm of the biological body as a whole, starting from the increased heartbeat and frequent sweating, passing through lack of sleep at night and the general feeling of weakness and fatigue, and the end of serious illnesses such as depression and thinking negative things; suicide. [6]
  • Some physical diseases cause discomfort and deprivation of sleep at night, such as sinus infections, arthritis, asthma, and recoil reflux, and chronic pain, and some of the nervous system diseases such as Parkinson's disease, and lower back pain. [7]
  • Taking certain medications sometimes cause confusion and lack of sleep at night, such as drugs that deal with cases of flu, allergies, high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid disease, asthma, and depression. [7]
  • Insomnia may be a sign of a disorder other sleep, such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome troubled, and the disorder of the biological clock, which usually occurs with people who work in night shifts, or suffering from fatigue travel due to weather long trips. [8]


Treatment depends not sleep at night on the reasons that led to it, while some of the cases dealt with behavioral training on proper sleep habits and relaxation techniques, but there are cases requiring medication therapy or alternative medicine. Can be summarized treatment options as follows: [1]

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: aims to get rid of negative thoughts and beliefs that stimulate the wrong person and make him vigilant and anxious to resist sleep, and perhaps the most effective way to get rid of this insomnia treatment is; Where it depends on the education of persons Almargin ways to relax, such as breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, as well as the training of these people to become regular fixed date to sleep and wake up every night, and avoid periods of napping long, and access to the bed only if you feel sleepy and desire to sleep.
  • Drug therapy: helps stimulate the drowsiness of the person insomniac or maintain his feeling sleepy, and generally doctors not in favor of drug therapy using sleep for a period of tablets exceeding a few weeks because of its side where possible effects cause the case of ataxia and increase the risk of falling on the ground, in addition to the possibility of occurrence of addiction.
  • Alternative Medicine: There are a lot of people like the idea of ​​medication Almargin alternative medicine instead of visiting the doctor and following drug treatment for insomnia.

Video about the causes of insomnia

To learn more about the causes of insomnia Watch the video.


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