What are the qualities of Gemini

What are the qualities of Gemini


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Gemini is the third tower in the order of the zodiac, and one of the towers air, and follows to the planet Mercury and belongs to people born between the twenty-first of May to the twenty-first of June, and symbolizes the Gemini two parallel tracks conformed to the second Greek form, a form that indicates number two, a sign of Gemini personality duplication and volatile. [1]

Positive qualities of Gemini

Gemini features many of the positive qualities that distinguish his character, and these qualities as follows: [2]

  • Adaptable: Personal Gemini flexible few characters soft beyond the border, where he does not mind the experience of anything new and has a willingness to adapt to different circumstances, no matter how difficult or inappropriate to him, no problem has to change action plan or completion mechanism is what It had agreed in advance, and it is difficult to find a Gemini grumble or complain because of something like this, where he has the ability to coexist with different geographical and cultural environments, even if they differ from the environment in which they grew up.
  • Intelligence: One of the most important qualities that distinguish Gemini is severe his intelligence, and linked to this capacity several other qualities, such as: agility, and the ability to accomplish many tasks at one time, so always be born Gemini in the first centers in various fields, and is superior to all his peers and his colleagues, whether at work or study, and may resort to those close to him when there is an intractable problem that needs a very intelligent person to solve them.
  • Openness to others: I believe that the Gemini of passionate characters who love new experiences and beyond the ordinary, and the likes as well as fight conversations and discussions with others, and always have something interesting to say, and be deep conversations and in the heart of the matter, and they love to listen to other views and perspectives different, and has a strong and attractive approach to the debate and put forward ideas and always has evidence that supports his views.
  • Diversity: The Gemini most people versatile, with a special deal with different situations and circumstances, the ability, and we do not prefer to take a certain activity or even a particular job and stick to it, he loves diversity, regeneration and hates the routine and inertia, so that the interests variety you may find him interested in the sport of baseball , Soviet literature, and the persecution of women during the Industrial Revolution in Europe, so strong for his commitment to inclusiveness and has a good knowledge of all cultures, knowledge, science and curiosity to be someone distinct, so find around they take a reference to them first and Mscharhm in various fields. [3]

Negative qualities of Gemini

There are many negative qualities that may be characterized by the Gemini, like other towers, and these qualities as follows: [4]

  • Duplication: The basic feature of the main Khordad is duplication, so that the symbol of Gemini indicates this trait, nor Gemini is intended to be Ozdwagea intentionally, but be Ozdwagea inherently innate, due to such volatility continued in Gemini to think about several things at once, Vtgda It connects several different things in different areas at the same moment, so you might find him say the words incomprehensible sometimes, and be contradictory opinions and words scattered, so that the contradiction may be with himself, too, and people may find someone eccentric.
  • Excessive thinking and distractions: You may feel that the mind of Gemini being a real race of ideas in his head, where racing has ideas, analyzes and questions constantly over time, have strayed far away Ptvkirh trip plans with her family while he is in a business meeting, so it may be distracting thoughts, perhaps find it difficult to determine what he wants, and appear on the features different feelings and mixed no one can distinguish them, they show the feelings of sadness, joy, enthusiasm, frequency, and turbulence at the same time, but nevertheless it is doing its job to the fullest, and puts his touch own It features the completion of difficult tasks that need to be personal subtle, his thoughts are not allowed to fragmented and interlocking influence on his life.
  • Indecisive: Due to the intelligence of Gemini and extreme thinking exaggerated, this leads to the inability to decisiveness often, and possessed of hesitation before issuing any decision, especially if the decision was a fateful or decisive; Fearing that have died a details that may be detrimental, so it analyzes the situation excessively and think of all big and small, and the effect of everything before called his or give his decision, so it avoids his friends consulted in fast situations that need a quick answer and instantaneous, such as: Choose Restaurant for dinner. [2]

Gemini love tower

Believes that the Gemini is afraid of finding true love and link in general, making them avoid the question somewhat link, and evade questions concerning this matter, for fear of restricting freedoms and commitment in a relationship may rob him of some privacy, there are some problems that you may encounter party the other when it relates to Paljoza or at the stage of acquaintance, such as to face some difficulty in identifying born Gemini is fully and understand aspects of the positive character or negative, it sees people obscure and blurred and confusing, and takes a certain impression of him and then discovers completely reversed, such as to be someone affectionate and cruel or cream and stingy at the same time. [5]

Gemini and Friendship Tower

Gemini person social and open-minded, likes to make new friends, especially with people who can share his thoughts with them and discuss issues in depth and details of their company, preferably a long-term friendships, and has few friends, but those friendships may extend to life, and gives friendship a great deal of importance , and his friends considered people who are particularly important in his life and take over the large space of time and attention, and do not hesitate to participate many details of his life even private ones. [6]


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