What are the qualities of Capricorn Tower

What are the qualities of Capricorn Tower

Capricorn exciting characters interesting mil is characterized by his qualities and distinctive characteristics of our \ Rh between the other towers, they are personalities who appreciates the responsibility and reckon with a lot, which is very serious with his life and loving others and to learn more about the qualities of Capricorn and what distinguishes it and loves and hates you About the most important what sets it apart from recipes.


  • 1 general personal Capricorn
  • 2 How do think Capricorn
  • 3 Capricorn Marriage Tower
  • 4 more occupations that fit Capricorn
  • 5 strengths when serious
  • 6 Weaknesses
  • 7 Capricorn friends

General personal Capricorn

Is characterized by serious as enough of responsibility, does not like to joke and have fun very serious with his life a little laughter and fun intervention seriously Bkama aspects of life even within the family framework, tends to be introverted and isolation, preferably home on social relations and celebrations and events, a few mysterious characters to speak and tend to think deeply and calmly, loves quiet family life stable, always thinking about the past and come to him and prefers to hear the quiet classical music and free exit of people to areas.

How do think of Capricorn

Capricorn stubbornness and intensity tower leaning and stability on his position and defend it strongly, is very slow and careful to take decisions concerning his life and _khasossas that affect his life, they are people who are planning hard and a lot for the future of their lives and most often these nearby charts, but regarding the future be one of the coincidences of this success succeed ideas and plans.

Capricorn marriage Tower

Capricorn tends strongly to the stability of marriage and love to the family and family calm, but because of slowdown and the inability to make quick decisions we see them Palmazm late marriage, but they do not fall in love easily and are reluctant to take the right lover, the condition of a love understanding of people loyal and very loyal partner and enjoy a sense of romantic sort What.

The most serious occupations that fit

Professions that need commitment and red tape, which do not need resolutions and serious and Alambiadrh by the work that you need to steer work such as handicrafts, crafts, porcelain and other works and can work the political sphere that needs planning, characterized by serious time management and fluent exploited well and always working hard to reach the top Aalemratb which aspires by and Atefid every moment of his life and makes it practical for him.

Strengths when serious

  • Planning and thinking successful.
  • devotion.
  • Patience.
  • Take responsibility.


  • Imaginary.
  • Unreliable.
  • Extreme jealousy.
  • bossy.

Capricorn Friends Tower

Capricorn friend and in a sincere and supporting his friend always harbored by force and victory always, Aande with all its problems and extend him a helping hand until it reaches the righteousness of safety is a friend perfect Dodd sympathetic lover is that sufficient amount of power and control that defeat the opposite person to get what he wants, but it is strict with his life because of the seriousness Ta'aisha with him all the moments of his life this trait makes him strong in front of the other party.


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