What are the personal Sagittarius

What are the personal Sagittarius


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The personal Sagittarius are completely different from the rest of the towers owner of the tower is characterized by the nature of the wounds he is one of the people irritable but soon calm down and review the same as soon as possible and perhaps offers apologies, featuring Sagittarius tongue lashing always affects also affects the stock and never make mistakes, as his words the kind of courage has been injured person who is in front of him quite easily, but it is characterized by its ability to healing and treatment of wounds, leaving the best effect in the other person the same. [1]

Sagittarius recipes

It features a bow passion Mtoukdh glowing tower is considered a person arc of more people emotional and compassionate paper, as he loves romance and fantasy atmosphere and adventures, and attracted an atmosphere of rain and fog and general winter as this kind of climate is linked to his personality closely, as he loves to travel, trekking, cycling , mountain climbing and adventure is the owners of strong hearts designed their own adventure without fear of obstacles. [1]

Characterized by Sagittarius excess Kram natural limit as it is inherently loves extravagance does not spare himself as he loves Tdallalal himself does not like deprivation of anything and its base followed life (Avert what pocket comes to you what the unseen), it is also characterized by generosity to others and hospitable and generous self to a large extent , the owner of Sagittarius distinguish the permanent innocence Maha grew up in age and in the depths of a small child loves the tee without limits, and this feature make it a carry between the ribs best hearts and most sincere and Oanagaha at all, and is the owner of the tower spontaneously in his expressions and his words and his actions Fterah reflects what is going on his mind all the spontaneity and innocence and without prior planning, and his tongue translates what his heart is simply hardiness and without fear. [2]

His arch tower is exposed to many disappointments and obstacles may cause him some trouble in his personal life and the reason for this to his sincerity and confidence in others and do not doubt at all, but soon summon the strength and standing on his feet, looking tomorrow bright and promising future, how not to be as well as a personal owner volitional and stubborn at the same time, he does not know never despair but draws power from what is happening with the constraints and obstacles, kicking off a new page with all the planning and strong determination, and the qualities of a very wonderful Sagittarius though I found some of the negatives in his Kannad and determination to whatever opinion was his health, However, the beautiful qualities overwhelm everything and the loss of a person of this tower is a great loss. [3]

Sagittarius features

It believed that people born in Sagittarius are open, and excited, and Dinamekjon, and enjoy the freedom they revered; Because they are loved to travel and explore the world and other cultures, and they can often patience when faced with the things they want, and believe they want a partner they can enjoy with him in the relations because of what they enjoy the nature of the fun, they are renowned for their love of diversity, finds born Sagittarius himself to communicate with many people, but love to understand strongly loyal to their partner. [1]

Believes that the bow figures rely on the strong will of a very large, which is considered the leader of a natural instinct, and pursues what he wants, regardless of what other people think, and is believed to be very adventurous, loves to travel and explore solo, as he likes to also explore the inner workings of their minds, stretching prospects love to have through their book or preferred their film. [4]

It is believed to be a large heart, cream bow, honest, and many of them are representatives of successful, great personalities within the team, and they have infectious energy and enthusiasm, and intelligence. [4]

Love at Sagittarius

His Sagittarius is in the love of the finest towers at all Vhabh rare closer to the ideal, when Sagittarius falls in love becomes this person has served as something Sami shrouded in a halo of light and keeps it for life, is characterized by Sagittarius honesty and purity of his heart and his love of pure features honoring to the core, and is characterized by a passion to rage and tenderness surplus has infected his partner passion and tenderness, offers a bow tower to his partner everything he could, even able to come lower on a platter of gold for his partner to do it with pleasure, is the bow of more people who offer a sacrifice for their partner's Tower as he can do everything for the sake of the happiness of the other party. [2]

When the owner of Tower offers a bow to marry a husband a wonderful father affectionate to his children afraid of his house and bear responsibilities, and strives to provide all means of comfort to his wife and children, loves the tower of his mother as insane as it sees himself always a child needs her care and her love and affection. [2]

Friendship at Sagittarius

It is believed to be born in Sagittarius very enjoyable, and always surrounded by friends, and loves the baby in the bow laugh and enjoy the diversity of life and culture, so easily able to acquire many friends around the world, and they are generous, and when it comes to the family, the arch is dedicated and ready to do almost anything her. [2]

He believes that the bow friend optimistic, honest and vital everyone wants in his life, especially when you need someone to help find the target or hope anything annoying; Understanding Aajabion, and fans, and good people, and they do anything to make sure that their friends are happy, and never feel jealous, and treat others the way they want to be treated, and have a sense of humor often, and always speak their minds, they do not hide anything at all, and honest and're passionate too. [1 ]

Work at Sagittarius

Work is characterized by Sagittarius charismatic and loves to perform his work to the fullest, have lazy a little bit but its base followed are: (Do not postpone today's work to tomorrow), he also follow the steps work according to a plan well thought out process, people bow hair and poems loves and loves writing loves reading and loves to himself alone with from time to time as it is considered as observance RECREATION spiritual, mental and my mind. [5]

Believes that when he imagined was born in Sagittarius something in their minds, they will do everything in its power to achieve this, they always can say in a certain position they know, and they excel in sales and marketing of products, and suits him many functions such as: travel agent, photographer, researcher, artist, Ambassador, importer and exporter, all of them work fit this person with a free spirit, and enjoy the bow making money and spend it, and he does not care much about the place, which will gain him then, and they are risking and are very optimistic and believe that the universe will provide everything they need. [2]


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