What are the most important uses of magnets

What are the most important uses of magnets


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  • 2.1 Use the magnet in medical science
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Magnet is the body is made of iron or steel, and has the ability to attract materials because of the presence of a magnetic field around it, is also known as a magnet as an object or a substance which produces a magnetic field, as the magnetic field is defined as the area is located near the magnet due to the presence of current or shipments of electrical around this area , (which is about the ocean area which magnet where the effects of magnetic force show); Where the formation of the magnetic field lines through the approximation Almanatis of iron filings and move continuously, consisting of curved lines around the magnet is called magnetic field lines; Where these lines start from one of the poles and ends the other pole. [1] [2] [3]

The most important uses magnets

Enters the magnet in many uses, it is most important are the following: [4]

  • Install Notes: is a multi-magnet shapes of the most important tools that may be used by the housewife to save the notes or installed on the doors of refrigerators or cupboards.
  • Speakers: the speaker enters the magnet in the industry; Whether small headphones (ear headphones), or large speakers in the stadiums, or other, the larger the strength of the magnet, the larger the sound was the finest and the best.
  • Games and toys: use many of the manufacturers of games and toys in the magnet industry, including magnetic board, which is used in children to write it, as the magnet is also used in building games that use magnets to paste the parts to each other.
  • Engines: used DC motors group of permanent magnets and electric magnets inside, when connect the battery, the range of electrical permanent magnets repel magnets to make the engine spins.
  • Credit cards: are widely used in magnets credit cards (in English: Credit Card), and specifically on the back of the credit card; Where information is stored in this magnet so that it can read some machines in a certain way.

Use the magnet in medical science

The magnet used in medical science and nervousness; Where treatment can be used to control the magnet to feel the pain without the use of any drugs; Where the magnet can stimulate the nerves in the human body and increased activity in the circulatory system, which works to carry oxygen to the tissues, as is the use of magnets to treat pain and wounds when athletes, and uses a magnet when some doctors to treat arthritis, gout, and other problems related to the nervous system, as the magnetic bed is used in some cases to bring the body to a state of relaxation, and sometimes the magnet is used in emergency rooms, as the magnet may be used to treat depression and migraine. [5]

Other uses of magnets

There are also many other important and complex or simple uses of magnets, including the following: [5]

  • Magnet used in electric bells.
  • Magnets are used in maglev trains, maglev trains are in use magnets are high on the tracks that moves on the train, and these types of trains operate on the basis of the strength of the magnet jarring.
  • It used to sort of magnetic materials for the rest of the other materials.
  • Magnet is also used in television screens, computer monitors, telephones, and recording devices.
  • Magnet used in cranes.
  • Magnet used in refrigerators to keep the door closed.
  • Magnet used in the magnetic compass used to find geographical directions.

Types of magnets

Divided magnets into two main types, namely: [3]

  • Natural magnets: It is a black stone found in nature; Where you can attract iron objects like.
  • Industrial magnets: a man-made magnets in various forms, and can attract iron objects like, and these forms are available on magnets are: cylindrical, and straight, and horseshoe.

Methods of magnetization

Man has managed many industry magnets hand different and fast ways, including: [3]

  • Magnetization Baldlk: You can get this kind of magnets through massage nail or a piece of iron repeatedly several times in one direction.
  • Magnetization electric current: You can get this type of magnets through any winding copper wire around a nail and connect it to a battery; This type is called from the magnet electric magnets; It loses this magnetic magnet gained when cutting the power supply and open electrical circuit.

Strength magnet magnetic field

It can be defined as the power of the magnet: its ability to penetrate a range of materials, such as cardboard, glass, aluminum, wood; Where the strength of the magnet vary depending on the type of magnet and its ability to attractions; Where the strength of the magnet is concentrated in the terminal (poles); As each party is called a pole, and the proof of that when you bring a magnet horse shoe, for example, and try to attract iron filings, the iron filings when the parties will focus more. [3]

Harnessed and magnetic poles repel each other between the different magnets; This law known as the law of attraction and repulsion, which provides that (similar poles repel each other and different poles attract each other), but if you leave a straight magnet hung comments free from halfway away from any other magnet and without any effect of other magnets, the magnets will be directed automatically toward the North Pole ; As symbolized by the North Pole in the symbol magnet (N or u) the Arctic is called, and symbolizes the South Pole in the symbol magnet (S or C) is called the South Pole, and as the commentator magnet comments free will be directed towards the North Pole, it is here came the invention of the compass containing the inside the magnet hung comments free, which is always moving towards the North pole automatically to refer to different directions. [3]

Video What do you know about the magnet?

For information about the magnet watched the video.


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