What are the laws of football

What are the laws of football


  • 1 body responsible for football laws
  • 2 Rules Football 2.1 Referees 2.2 Intrusion Law 2.3 Penalty Shootout 2.4 hand touch 2.5 game time and win 2.6 pitch ball and the number of players 2.7 Throw a corner kick and penalty 2.8 direct free kick and indirect
  • 2.1 Referees
  • 2.2 Intrusion Law
  • 2.3 Penalty Shootout
  • 2.4 hand touch
  • 2.5 game time and win
  • 2.6 pitch ball and the number of players
  • 2.7 Throw a corner kick and penalty
  • 2.8 direct free kick and indirect
  • 3 modern laws in football
  • 4 References

The body responsible for football laws

FIFA is considered (FIFA) official body that sets the laws and rules of the game of football in the world, and then to ensure the application of these laws by football associations, and holds the Union annual meeting to approve any changes to the laws of the game and shall inform all members of those amendments made to any of the laws of the game, binding and be members of the application of those unions amendments as soon as possible or after the end of the football season and the start-season football again, [1] it should be noted that prior to the international Federation to establish football in the year 1904 was known as Council of the international Football Federation (IFAB), which was established in 1886 is the body responsible for the development of the laws of football and the amendment, this union has become part of the organization of FIFA after its founding. [2]

the rules of football


Are football matches are managed by one main rule and two assistant referees, and is the main governance task in controlling the course of the game according to the rules of the game, and making any decisions awards relating to irregularities, and free kicks, and throws side, and calculating the lost time, and other things, but referees assistants is represented their mission provide technical support for the main rule in order to fulfill his duties to the fullest; [3] where to entrust these provisions set the task of infiltration, and control the ball out of the stadium; Either through the side lines or across the goal line. [4]

Can match referee to use his authority in the declaration of yellow and red cards as a punishment for the commission of any of the players technical errors or even behavioral, and is considered a yellow card as a warning is given to a player as a result of committing irregularities requiring that, in the event of a player on two cards yellow cards in the same match, he expels them advertises a red card in the face, and is given a red card in football when a player is seriously playing against another player, or when you insult one of the players, or through the intervention it deliberately; Where the player leads awarded a red card to expel him from the game and away from the pitch. [5]

Intrusion Law

Is a football player in the offside position in the case directed the ball to him and any part of his head, or his body, or his feet, closer to the goal team line competitor from one of the players of this team, with the exception of that rule the hands and arms of all the players, including goalkeepers, and infiltration of the player in the event of the violation of the calculation was present on one line with any of the players of the opposing team except the goalkeeper, requires the presence of infiltration to be a team player involved in active play, and the kick calculated an indirect free on the player who made a shocking sneak in favor of the opposing team in the event it proved the existence of infiltration. [6]

Penalty Shootout

The resort to additional times or a penalty shootout or both of them when the competition laws in football requires a team to determine the match winner, and is executed kicks from the penalty spot after the original time of the match; Where being the referee draw lots to determine which team will start the implementation of a penalty shoot-out, and are entitled to all the key players or alternate implementation of those kicks, and when the kick must have all the players in the middle of the pitch circle except for the goalkeeper and the player who meant the kick, is the penalty complete when the ball stopped moving, or when they leave the stadium, or even when the referee stopped play as a result of a particular occurrence of violation, and if the goalkeeper is he guilty of the offense, it is re-kick again, and have the right to judge warning or expel any of the players during the implementation of a penalty shootout. [7]

Hand touch

Justice International Federation Council Football Association (IFAB) in the second of the month of March for 2019 m coming into contact with the ball law Walid player during the play, has been instructed to football federations new application of special touch ball law, it has provided those amendments that are contrary to the calculation and free-kick when move hand or arm in the direction of the ball and then touch them, or when the control of the player on the ball or acquired after touching his hand or arm, as the new amendment pointed out in the law touching the ball to the player to register or attempt to register using his hand directly is a violation, as this offense is calculated in the event of touching the ball hand or arm when the player placed the player seems to make larger and larger body than it is, or during the lifting of the hand or arm a level higher than the level of the player's shoulders. [8]

The time of the game and win

Play football match over the two halves for each forty-five minutes, that total minutes play football Ninety match minutes, and may be increased this time by minutes stopped play on the pitch, depending as determined by the match referee, and the game ended with the launch of the referee for the final whistle, [9] wins the football team football who can record the highest number of goals during the game time, and can be some of the results of the matches end in a draw between the two teams competing at the end of the match, and may not be equalized acceptable result in some games; Where it is then resort to additional times or penalty shootout to determine the winner, [3] must be equal Alhotan Protocols in terms of length of time; So that the duration of each run no more than a quarter of an hour maximum. [7]

Pitch ball and the number of players

Play football games at the stadium ranging in length between 90-120 meters and width of 45-90 meters, and each part of a partial pitch on goal is located equidistant from the flags in the corner area in the corners of the stadium, and consists of all the range of those in charge the distance vertical between 7.30 meters and up between the two existing casual horizontal a height above the ground 2.45 meters, [10] and compete on the football field two teams from each one of eleven consists of players including the goalkeeper, [3] and playing the game round reel weight ranges between 140 to 450 grams and measuring ranges circumference between 68 to 70 cm. [11]

Throw a corner kick and penalty

Awarded a throw to a team in the event that a player of the other team remove the ball from the side lines of canned, and implements these undershoot by the player did not touch the ball before exiting from the pitch by one of the players of the opposing team, and is awarded a corner if the exit of the ball off the pitch on the one hand one goal line two teams, [4] and is awarded a penalty when the two teams commit one of the players of the opposing team offense inside the penalty area his team during the course of the game. [12]

The free-kick direct and indirect

Calculated the direct free kicks and indirect for the benefit of the team when committing one of the players of the opposing team offense on the pitch, and is calculated by the indirect free kick when he committed the offense in a place in the pitch so that it is clear that it can not be the players the other team score directly from that place, [13] in implementing the free kicks indirect, it must touch the ball a team after its implementation; As it is not calculated a goal if the ball enters the goal directly, [14] are granted free-kick is directly against the player in the event of his playing in a dangerous manner or intercept player competitor without the occurrence of any contact with or in the event of abuse of one of the players in any way , are also granted this type of free kicks when the keeper to delay play and keep the ball or if you touch the ball in his hands when passed to him by one of his players. [15]

The direct free kicks with kicks that are performed when an offense in one of the places from which to score goals directly, [14] are granted this kind of irregularities in the event that one of the players touch the ball with his hands except the goalkeeper as long as inside the penalty area for his team or in the event of a player to pay a player of the other team, or jump on it, or kicked, or attempt to kick, or beat, or impede, or eluding using excessive force. [15]

Modern laws in football

Saw football some changes to their laws; Depending on the modern laws of the football season 2019-2020m, the following shows these changes: [16]

  • Ball Drop: The process that re-play is where again, and was edited them to become states that in the event was stopped most of the ball inside the penalty area, the process of dropping the ball will be goalkeeper only, while if they stop the process play out of the box, the projection It will be the last player to touch the ball before the play stopped.
  • Free Kicks: has been amended laws on free kicks to become states that does not allow for the strikers, who gained a free kick to exist at a distance of less than one meter from the defensive wall block, which consists of three defenders or more.
  • Celebrating the goal: remaining punishment in the case issued by the referee on a particular player during the celebration with a goal, even if the goal was canceled as a result of lack of health.
  • Kick the goal: allowing the player to receive the ball from his own keeper, even if his presence in the penalty area.
  • Hand touch: Any consideration for a handball error, even if this is a deliberate touch.
  • Lottery shall have the right to determine the winning team by lot wanted to choose kick start or point of the goal.


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