What are the Internet services

What are the Internet services


  • 1 Internet
  • 2 Internet Services 2.1 E-mail Service 2.2 conversational service and conversation 2.3 Mailing Lists Service 2.4 Network Service Web 2.5 conference-servicing remote
  • 2.1 E-mail Service
  • 2.2 conversational service and conversation
  • 2.3 Mailing Lists Service
  • 2.4 Network Service Web
  • 2.5 conference-servicing remote
  • 3 Internet history


Internet is defined as a network of global communications that allow the exchange of information between humans and travels across continents countries, and is that there is in all languages ​​of the world, and holds a large set of information, data, services, and communications, as it is called several names in some countries, such as the World Wide Web , network international, Ahabkp, and the net.

Internet services

E-mail service

Used as a means to send circulars and regulations, and help learners to communicate with specialists anywhere on less Charges, and the mediator to deliver the homework, and the mediator of communication between members as members of administrative affairs, or teaching and school staff, and the mediator between the teacher and the learner.

Conversational service and conversation

Using lectures are broadcast from anywhere in the world, holding meetings, and the transfer of lectures from classrooms such as education at the distance, and solving the problem of a shortage of faculty members and teachers, and the presentation of some scientific experiments.

Mailing Lists Service

Take place through the establishment of mailing lists private, and create a list of names of students per class, and the establishment of a mailing for students lists in all universities, schools or colleges, and send the requirements of material and household duties, and the participation of students in the global scientific lists, and linking administrative staff with some of them, and guide students and teachers to register in the global lists according to scientific disciplines.

Network Service Web

It is like training some exercise, and the development of model lessons and curricula, and special design site device management, supervision and management in educational institutions.

Conference-servicing remote

Or the so-called Distance Conferencing, a Kmatmrat video, audio conferences, and service magazines, computer conferences.

The history of the Internet

  • Internet appeared after it decided to establish the Advanced Research Agency (ARPA) projects by the US Department of Defense in the twentieth century, specifically in 1969, and it was the goal of the establishment of war-time communications network protection.
  • Published the first research talks about the theory of the use of conversion packages for data transfer by Leonard Kleinrock of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1961, and in 1964 published a book on how to use conversion packages in the creation of a network by Leonard Kleinrock.
  • The first conference on ARPANET (ARPA net) in 1967, has also been linked to computers in four American universities in 1969.
  • Twenty-three connecting computers in ARPANET in 1971, and also in the same year was sent first email by Ray Tomlinson.
  • Featured word (Internet) in 1982, as defined protocol IP packet.
  • The Internet has flourished and evolved dramatically in the eighties, where in 1983 the first afternoon of Kadhum bands (DNS), as a network (ARPA net split) into two networks; Network (ARPA net), which focused on the civil use, and a network (mil net), which focused on the military use.
  • It was associated with the Internet in 1987 ten thousand computers, and in 1989 a hundred thousand computers, and in 1992, one million computers, and in 1996 ten million computers.
  • Web emerged (NCSA Mosaic) browser in 1993, and in 2000 spread to the Internet in all countries of the world.


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