What are the disadvantages of wallpaper

What are the disadvantages of wallpaper


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Defects wallpaper

There are many disadvantages of wallpaper, including the following: [1]

  • It can not be used in rooms with high probability of exposure to moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms; Fasthaddamh in these areas causes the Takecrh wall later as a result of moisture.
  • It can damage or snatch or get dirty easily if the house contains pets or children, unless the use of modern wallpaper, which are resilient and easy to clean, and in all cases be advisable to use -If must Menh- in the bedrooms and dining rooms.
  • Can have a high cost, so if there is a desire to change constantly in order to diversify, or as a result of being subjected to damage and resort to change it.

Preparation for removal of wallpaper

Must prepare to remove the wallpaper before removing it, by following the following guidelines: [2]

  • Some of the old newspapers row on the ground or anything else to protect them.
  • Extinguishing electrical circuit breakers, use one of the illuminations running on the battery if the work at night; In order to avoid fires, and must keep the lids of electrical plugs place and cover the exposed ones; So as to prevent water from entering it.
  • Knowledge of material of which the wall is made; If plaster, for example, it means that it is resistant to water to some extent, in addition to distinguish durability and hardness, but if the wall Java should avoid exposing it to moisture as much as possible, and steam can be used in that case to remove the paper instead of water.
  • Know the type of wallpaper; There is removable, and another containing two layers, another traditionally difficult to remove, and can type test by Elmejrad (English: putty knife), so that it is placed under a corner of the wall paper; If you have been dislodged the paper is removable, and if the removal of the surface layer and remained another layer it is also removable, but is harder than the first type, and if it is not removed the paper traditionally, then you must use special steam machine wallpapering.

Remove wallpaper

Are making small holes in the wallpaper, and then mixing equal amounts of vinegar and warm water, put it in a spray bottle or bucket, and then mix the application on paper and leave it for fifteen minutes, then use a tool scraping to remove it easily, it referred to as the effectiveness of this method lies in the containing vinegar on acetic acid, which is solvent, besides it is inexpensive, and has a light smell somewhat, as it is non-toxic. [3]


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