What are the causes of obesity

What are the causes of obesity


  • 1 over-eating
  • 2 calorie intake
  • 3 genes
  • 4 taking certain medications
  • 5 lack of physical activity
  • 6 medical reasons
  • 7 Video for morbid obesity
  • 8 References

Excessive eating

Excessive eating leads to weight gain or obesity, and increase the likelihood of this happening if the food contains a large percentage of fat and sugar, and is considered such foods: fast food, pastries, fried foods, full of energy, as the small ones amount containing on a very large amount of calories, and epidemiological studies have shown that diets rich in fat contributes to weight gain. [1]

The amount of calories

Active man needs physically to about 2,500 calories a day, while active-bodied woman needs about 2000 calories a day, to be able to maintain a healthy weight, and can get these calories when you eat certain types of foods, which contain only one meal of fried potatoes, Alhmbrogr, and milk shake at about 1500 calories, handled the amount of calories greater than those of the body leads to consume these calories are stored as fat, which can lead to obesity. [2]


Can human genes affect the likelihood of injury to obesity, which increase the likelihood of injury to children who have one parent is obese, compared to children who do not have one of their parents is obese, but can not generalize to everyone, where the quality of foods affect the work of some genes, For example, can the population of non-industrial societies suffer from obesity in the event of eating a diet rich in calories, where the environment and affect the quality of the food on their genes. [3]

Taking certain medications

Can eat lead some medications to becoming obese, Vtnolha may increase weight as a side effect, for example, was associated with taking antidepressant medication for a long time to increase the weight, in addition to diabetes drugs, and antipsychotics, and others, where these drugs change the function of the body and the brain, which leads to increase appetite, and reduce the rate of metabolism. [3]

Lack of physical activity

It is inactivity or lack of physical activity of the most important factors that may lead to obesity, where he spends a lot of people a great time to sit down instead of walking or cycling, may be by virtue of their work, or for reasons of entertainment, or so, which prevents the body from energy consumption in the food that is eaten, so energy is this stored as fat, and are advised to exercise aerobic exercises medium density, rapid walking or cycling for a period of not less than 150 minutes a week, can also exercise for 30 minutes a day five days week. [2]

Medical reasons

Can some medical conditions affect the likelihood of increasing the weight of the person, Examples include hypothyroidism, where can the thyroid gland in this case produce enough hormones, in addition to Cushing's syndrome (English: Cushing's syndrome), a rare disorder that causes excessive production of steroid hormones (in English: steroid), but in the case have been diagnosed with such cases, and processed properly, the person may be able to avoid becoming obese. [2]

Video for morbid obesity

Can be identified more important information about morbid obesity by watching the following video:


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