What are the causes of fatigue and exhaustion

What are the causes of fatigue and exhaustion


  • 1 fatigue
  • 2 reasons for feeling tired and fatigue 2.1 Avoid exercise 2.2 not to drink adequate amounts of water 2.3 Iron deficiency in the body 2.4 person is unrealistic 2.5 Tension continuously 2.6 neglect breakfast 2.7 Fast Food 2.8 work above the limits of your energy 2.9 times are not allocated to rest 2.10 little sleep
  • 2.1 Avoid exercise
  • 2.2 not to drink adequate amounts of water
  • 2.3 Iron deficiency in the body
  • 2.4 person is unrealistic
  • 2.5 Tension continuously
  • 2.6 neglect breakfast
  • 2.7 Fast Food
  • 2.8 work above the limits of your energy
  • 2.9 times are not allocated to rest
  • 2.10 little sleep

Fatigue and tiredness

The feeling of tiredness and fatigue is the reaction of my body normal, this feeling notice the body needed his need alerts to rest and calm, and in some cases is a feeling of tiredness and fatigue, a serious warning indicates the beginning of the collapse of the body of a person, or that there is a disease, known as human feeling medicine tired and rest as a result of his work or exertion, physical or mental fatigue as well, but when a person feels tired and fatigue permanently, without doing any little activity it enters it under the name of fatigue bad.

The lack of sleep is not the only thing to feeling human fatigue and loss of energy, there are a lot of things by the person exhausted all the physical and mental together the body's energy, and these are actions carried out routinely daily, this provides specialists and experts a lot of tips and advice on bad habits It carried out by a lot of people that make them feel tired and fatigue, as well as providing them with optimal solutions to avoid feeling tired, and in this subject I will clarify the reasons that cause a lot of fatigue and exhaustion felt by the people, so overcome this problem and avoid them.

The causes of feeling tired and fatigue

Avoid exercise

Many people believe that ignore exercise when they feel tired and fatigue is a good solution, so as to save energy. This belief is wrong detrimental to the body's health, as there are a lot of studies that show that people healthy adults who exercise simple three days a week for a period of not less than twenty minutes they feel less than others tired and having to spend six weeks on the commitment of persons in the exercise of Sports are getting stronger endurance of fatigue and exhaustion !, and even increase heart health, and stimulate blood circulation, and is available pure oxygen, so be sure to exercise sports simple, even if you walk for ten minutes, the better and healthier than sitting on the couch.

Not drinking enough water

When you do not eat adequate amounts of water on a daily basis, even if the quantity that you drink less than a few of the required amount needed to drink for an adult, it negatively affects the energy levels of the person, says nutrition specialist in sports medicine Emma Judson that if dried water in the human body, this leads to low blood volume, also leads to a disturbance in the arrival of nutrients to the body's cells. Here highlights the importance of drinking appropriate amounts of water to hydrate the body.

Iron deficiency in the body

When it reduces the level of iron in the body of the person, this leads to a feeling of weakness and fatigue, as well as irritable, and less than a person's ability to concentrate, and the person feels tired; Because of the lack of oxygen to the tissues and muscles of the body and all because of the lack of iron in the body, and an increase of iron in the body reduce the risk of anemia, and can get the iron element which is found in red meat, beans, eggs, and leafy vegetables, as well as found in nuts and, in peanut butter, these foods contain vitamin c, it is possible to have decreased iron in the body due to an internal problem, so it is important to visit a doctor to identify the cause of iron deficiency have.

The person is unrealistic

There are some people who are developing non-realistic goals and seek to achieve them constantly, and when it fails in its application is not satisfied with himself, and this is tired person and make him feel tired, so you should think properly and set yourself real goals you can apply them, so do not feel nervous by clicking the It makes you feel tired and constant fatigue.

Tension continuously

When your boss an urgent meeting is expected, will make you feel that fear and tension and start anticipating bad scenarios in your mind, and thinking this increases your anxiety and your stress and paralyzes your mind, here dissipate mental and physical energy, you should not be tense, and think properly and all you have to do in such cases, is taking a deep breath and yoga practice quickly, preferably exposed to air breezes open to stand in front of the window, as well as if I shared your concerns and your concerns with your partner, you will relieve you, and helps you deal with such better positions.

Neglect and breakfasts

This meal is very important in the morning, because it is the fuel your body, you should be careful eating the morning to keep the lack of pumping blood disorder in the body and keep the oxygen body, and when they do not eat breakfast will not provide themselves with the body needed energy, most physicians of the importance and recommend eating meals the food that contain whole grains, proteins and foods with fat health, and there are some very useful foods for the body in the early morning hours, such as oatmeal, peanut butter, natural juices, milk or skim milk, eggs, sliced ​​toast bread.

Fast food

And such as foods that contain sugars and carbohydrates that lead to increased blood sugar, because when you decrease the percentage of sugar in the blood, this leads to a feeling of fatigue and constant fatigue and throughout the day, and in order to maintain blood sugar consistently interested in eating foods that contain proteins and whole grains, as well as chicken, rice, especially brown, salmon, sardines, and sweet potatoes, as well as fruit authorities.

Work on the limits of your energy

When you are always trying to please people, you will pay all of your energies and your effort will harm your health, I do not ask you to others not to help, but people helped but within the limits of your energies and your ability, if you can not do something you do not have to say yes and that you dare above the limits of your energy , and have fun all the time not squander your energy permanently with advance not to your ability your knowledge, and make the place where you sit in it tidy organized, do not try to distract yourself, because chaos leads to a lack of focus, and when you organize your office and your own room will feel a positive card and satisfaction myself.

Do not customize times to rest

When you get or official holidays times for rest summer Kattlat, and others, you must provide for yourself to relax and rest, so allow mental and physical regeneration and activity of your ability, and so that you have a strong motivation to return to work and do your best, and taking commas and periods of rest are very important for each person , it helps to be more productive and able to perform the work, and more creative.

Little sleep

A lot of people are sitting long hours on television, or browse the web, and social networking sites late at night, and this act threatens the physical health of the human being, because sleep is a natural phenomenon needs every living organism, and when it breaks down this system is disturbed, a person feels uncomfortable physical, wake up and sleep difficulty, and become a bad mood, little activity. So you should care about periods of sleep and night not to stay outside the home late, not ensures the day of the holiday, and you should take advantage of this day rest and relaxation of the work week, it's good to go out and go about yourself, but it's bad that night be delayed, because it will It makes you feel tired and fatigue.

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