What are the benefits of lemon

What are the benefits of lemon


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The lemon fruit is usually used where wide with a few herbs and spices in quantities spread, and rarely consumed alone; Because of its flavor is sour and concentrated, can use lemon juice to give a distinctive flavor with sauces, salads, juices, tea, pastries, advised to buy lemons at the peak of maturity because unlike many other fruits do not ripen or improve its quality after picking, as advised to store it at a temperature The room away from direct sunlight. [1]

Lemon benefits

Lemon contains many important compounds and nutrients that the body gain a lot of health benefits, among them the following: [2] [1]

  • Maintain heart: where lemon is a good source of vitamin C health; Where 31 mg of lemon contains 51% of the daily needs of the body, research has shown that eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes, and the fiber and plant compounds found in lemon reduce the risk factors for heart disease and cholesterol levels College the blood.
  • Improve the health of the digestive system: it is Pectin (in English: pectin) fiber's main lemon, a type of soluble fiber, which is linked to a range of health benefits, such as improving intestinal health, slow down the digestion process sugars and starches, which may reduce blood sugar levels , however, a person needs to get the benefits of these fibers from lemon to eat large amounts of them.
  • Weight loss: where it is believed that pectin fiber expands in the stomach and increase in size, which helps you feel full longer, but lemon is a little like the grain consumption, and the lemon juice does not contain pectin, so the lemon juice drinks do not give this interest.
  • Prevention of kidney stones: it can citric acid found help in the lemon to prevent the formation of stones kidneys by increasing urine volume and increase the degree of acidity, which creates a less favorable environment for the formation of stones kidney, is believed to have half a cup of lemon juice daily can provide what enough citric acid to help prevent their formation in people who have already suffered kidney stones.
  • Prevention of anemia: where the lemon contains a very small amount of iron, but it contains vitamin C and citric acid, which help to improve the absorption of plant foods that contain iron is absorbed well, which can help prevent anemia.
  • Reduce the risk of cancer: it can be a rich diet helps in fruits and vegetables on the prevention of some types of cancer, and found that plant compounds in lemons and other citrus fruits may have the ability to prevent the development of cancer, but there is no evidence showing that the lemon can fights cancer in humans.
  • Maintaining a healthy blood pressure: I found some studies that eating lemons on a daily basis and Walking regularly can help lower blood pressure, but this benefit needs more scientific studies to prove its effectiveness.
  • Maintain healthy skin: the Vitamin C plays a vital role in the formation of collagen, which is the system in support of the skin, so the lemon or application of topical intake on the skin can contribute to the fight against the skin caused by sun, pollution, radiation damage, reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture generally.
  • Prevention of Asthma: with less risk of asthma in people who consume a large amount of some nutrients, as vitamin C, and still there is a need to conduct further studies.
  • Enhance the immune system: it can help foods that contain a high percentage of vitamin C and other antioxidants Kallimon to strengthen the immune system against germs that cause colds and the flu, and is considered the juice component of a whole lemon in a cup of hot water with a tablespoon of honey soothing drink of an infected person coughs or cold.

Nutritional value of Lemon

The following table shows the nutrients found in a grain of fresh lemon is the outer shell weighing approximately 58 grams: [3]

Warning lemon and use damage

Diet macro element is most important in preventing disease and maintaining good health, so it is advisable to eat a variety of healthy foods rather than focusing on a particular food as a key to good health, and despite the many benefits of lemon, but it can cause a range of problems; Because it contains a high proportion of acid, so lemon juice may affect certain categories of people who suffer from: [1]

  • Mouth ulcers, which can cause stinging sensation.
  • Echo of infectious disease reflux (in English: GERD), which can lead to a worsening of symptoms, Khrqh stomach, reflux.


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