What are the benefits of cranberry

What are the benefits of cranberry


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  • 3 benefits of cranberries by the degree of efficiency 3.1 probability of effectiveness (Possibly Effective) 3.2 There is not enough evidence of effectiveness (Insufficient Evidence) 3.3 probability of effectiveness (Possibly Ineffective)
  • 3.1 probability of effectiveness (Possibly Effective)
  • 3.2 There is not enough evidence of effectiveness (Insufficient Evidence)
  • 3.3 probability of effectiveness (Possibly Ineffective)
  • 4 scientific studies about the benefits of cranberry
  • 5 The nutritional value of wild berries
  • 6 Safety Warning degree and the use of cranberry
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Cranberry (in English: Cranberry) is a climber plant wooden Muammar grow at a low altitude and has a small oval-shaped papers, and up the leg extending along horizontally to two meters and called Alrid (in English: Stolons), and grow these shrubs flowers and pink in the spring , Native American first is to use the cranberry as used it in many foods, and in dyeing carpets, blankets, and other uses. [1]

The cranberry plants that need special factors for the growth and survival; Such as the need for soil Albeetmos (in English: Peat soil) acid, and abundant amounts of fresh water, it is worth mentioning that the growth of cranberry season runs between April and November, and then followed by a period of silence during the cold winter months. It divided cranberries into two main types, namely: cranberry American (scientific name: Vaccinium macrocarpon), European and cranberry (scientific name: V. oxycoccos), and the size of the fruit of the European cranberry half the size of the fruit of the American species. [1]

Beneficial ingredients in cranberry

The cranberry well for many a source of active plant food compounds vital, and antioxidants, it is worth mentioning that most of these compounds are concentrated in the crust of the fruits of the berries, and decreases its concentration in the juice extracted them, and examples of these vehicles recall the following: [2]

  • Alkirsatin: (English: Quercetin), one of the most polyphenols antioxidant abundant in the fruits of cranberries and cranberry is one of the main sources of this compound.
  • Almiristin: (English: Myricetin) which is one of Albinolah vehicles that may have many health benefits.
  • Albionadan: It is the compound responsible for the red color of the fruits of berries, and offers a composite Albionadan (in English: Peonidin) Some of the health benefits of the body useful, and cranberry is one of the richest food sources of this compound.
  • Alaorcolik acid: is a compound triterpene (in English: Triterpene compound) is concentrated in the peel fruit, also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Proteins Alsaanideh of type A: (English: A-type proanthocyanidins), one of polyphenol compounds, also called the name of the intense tannins (in English: Condensed tannins), and believes that it can be effective against urinary tract infection.

The benefits of cranberry according to the degree of efficiency

Many of the studies carried out to the present time to discuss the health benefits that may be provided by the cranberry health, and its benefits can be stated as follows:

Probability of effectiveness (Possibly Effective)

  • Prevention of the risk of infection with urinary tract: People commonly that the cranberry is used to reduce the risk of such infection, has indicated some of the studies that drinking cranberry juice or eating certain extracts it may reduce the risk of infection of the urinary system frequently in some cases children and adults, but it did not contribute to reducing the risk of injury at all, [3] [4] as this kind of berries on Alsaanideh proteins type a contains (English: PACs), which can prevent the adhesion of bacteria lining the bladder, which reduces the risk of infection . [5] it should also be mentioned that wild berries products may not have all influence protective of urinary tract infection, because the quantities of a compound Albrooonthusianaedin therein may be reduced during the manufacture of these products, and are advised to consult a doctor before use. [2]

There is not enough evidence of effectiveness (Insufficient Evidence)

  • The possibility of reducing the symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia: Since the initial studies have shown that eating dried cranberries for six months may contribute to the improvement of symptoms for urinary system in patients with benign prostatic inflation (in English: Benign prostatic hyperplasia), as it may reduce some of biomarkers associated with these The situation they have. [4] showed a study published by the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences magazine in 2016 that the addition of cranberry supplements the diet of patients are likely to reduce the risk of recurrence of infection device urinary they have. [6]
  • The possibility of improving the symptoms of the common cold: as one of the research showed that eating cranberry juice daily for 70 days did not contribute to reducing the chance of colds and Alanfonza, but it is likely to reduce the symptoms associated with them. [7]
  • The possibility of injury prevention ulcers digestive: since the evidence is still conflicting about the berries ability of land to reduce the bacteria Helicobacter pylori (in English: Helicobacter pylori) or what is known as the germ of the stomach that may cause peptic ulcers, has indicated a study conducted in 2005 at the University of Beijing to eat cranberry juice regularly may reduce the risk of infection caused by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori. [8] the other preliminary studies have suggested that drinking cranberry juice through the use of medications in this germ did not contribute to the improvement of the disease better than taking medicine only . [7]
  • The possibility of reducing kidney stones are: The studies differed on the effect of cranberry in kidney stones; As some preliminary evidence showed that eating cranberry juice may reduce the risk of kidney stones, but other evidence indicated that eating this juice or raspberry extracts can increase the risk of cobblestoned, because it contains high levels of oxalate salts which increase the opportunity to be this especially among people who have already Gallstones and sustained. [7] [3]
  • The possibility of contributing to reducing the risk of cancer: Some laboratory studies have indicated that cranberries contain some compounds that can have an effect on the inhibition of some types of cancer, but these Aallantij still need for further studies. [9]
  • The possibility of improving some cases syndrome metabolism: A research has indicated the initial published in the journal Nutrition Research (English: Nutrition Research) in 2012 it is possible to drink cranberry juice twice daily for 8 weeks to benefit in increasing the ability of some antioxidants in the blood women with metabolic syndrome, but it did not show any effect on blood pressure, or blood sugar levels, or ratios of cholesterol in these patients, and these findings still need further studies. [4] [10]
  • Other benefits: It is likely to be a wild raspberry special benefits to some other diseases, but its impact is still need for further studies, and these cases pleurisy and chronic fatigue syndrome. [4]

Probability of effectiveness (Possibly Ineffective)

  • Reduce sugar levels in diabetic patients: the evidence suggests that berry supplements wild do not reduce blood sugar levels in these patients, it should be noted that some cranberry juice products contain large amounts of added sugar, so people are advised diabetics to choose products sweetened with alternatives sugar. [4]

Scientific studies about the benefits of cranberry

  • Several studies have indicated that cranberry juice or Mstkhalsath may have an impact on some of the risk factors associated with heart disease, it showed a small study published in Bartanih Journal of Nutrition in 2006 that eating cranberry juice was associated with increased levels of cholesterol and good blood in men with obesity. [ 11]
  • A small study was conducted on a small number of men and women with diabetes type II showed that the berry supplements reduced LDL cholesterol levels have, this study published in Diabetic medicine magazine in 2008. [12] It should be noted that this type of berries contain antioxidants which can be beneficial for the heart, such as: anthocyanins (in English: Anthocyanins), and Albrooonthusianaedin, and Alkirsatin.
  • Review and analysis showed a holistic published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2019 that supplements wild berries are likely to be effective in reducing systolic blood pressure, also appeared to have improved levels of good cholesterol and body mass index among the participants. [13]

The nutritional value of wild berries

The following table shows the nutrients available in 100 grams of fresh cranberries: [14]

Safety Warning degree and the use of cranberry

Eating cranberries safe mostly for most people in case of oral administration in an appropriate manner, used as extracts and cranberry juices are safe among the people, but eating large amounts of which may lead to the emergence of some side effects; Such as: diarrhea, stomach disorders, also can cause vomiting, nausea, and addition, more than one liter of cranberry juice a day for a long period of time consumption may increase the likelihood of developing kidney stones, and it should be noted that in rare cases may suffer some of the responses allergic reactions as a result of eating berries, and the symptoms associated with this allergic reaction: difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, or lips, or throat, and security procedures (in English: Hives) In this case, you should see a doctor. Also, some cases must caution when using cranberry, and among them the following: [7] [15]

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women: preferably avoid the use of cranberry for therapeutic purposes for lack of reliable information about the safety of its use during these periods.
  • Children: The cranberry is mostly safe to use for children if eaten fruit juice or oral.
  • Aspirin sensitivity should avoid eating large amounts of cranberry for those who suffer from aspirin sensitivity, and in order to contain salicylic acid similar to aspirin.
  • Atrophic gastritis: (English: Atrophic Gastritis) may increase cranberry absorption of vitamin B 12 for people suffering from inflammation of the stomach lining or loss of stomach acid (in English: Hypochlorhydria).
  • Drug interactions: it can interfere with the berries with Allowarafin which is used to slow blood clotting, can be wild raspberry to increase the duration of this drug in the body, which increases the risk of bleeding, as this type of berries that interferes with several other drugs such as diazepam ( English: Diazepam), and ibuprofen (in English: ibuprofen), and torasemide (in English: Torasemide), and others. [4]


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