What are the benefits of aloe vera body

What are the benefits of aloe vera body


  • 1 cactus
  • 2 food value cactus
  • 3 Benefits of Aloe Vera 3.1 Benefits of cactus by the degree of efficiency 3.1.1 probability effectiveness Possibly Effective 3.1.2 There is not enough evidence of its effectiveness Insufficient Evidence 3.2 Benefits of cactus joints 3.3 Benefits of pills cactus 3.4 Benefits of cactus seeds 3.5 Benefits of Aloe Vera juice slimming 3.6 Cactus benefits for pregnant and breastfeeding women 3.7 Benefits of Fruit Cactus Diabetes 3.8 Benefits of Aloe Vera colonic
  • 3.1 Benefits of cactus by the degree of efficiency 3.1.1 probability effectiveness Possibly Effective 3.1.2 There is not enough evidence of its effectiveness Insufficient Evidence
  • 3.1.1 probability effectiveness Possibly Effective
  • 3.1.2 There is not enough evidence of its effectiveness Insufficient Evidence
  • 3.2 Benefits of cactus joints
  • 3.3 Benefits of pills cactus
  • 3.4 Benefits of cactus seeds
  • 3.5 Benefits of Aloe Vera juice slimming
  • 3.6 Cactus benefits for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • 3.7 Benefits of Fruit Cactus Diabetes
  • 3.8 Benefits of Aloe Vera colonic
  • 4 cactus damage 4.1 Use safety cactus degree 4.2 Warning use cactus
  • 4.1 Use safety cactus degree
  • 4.2 Warning use cactus
  • 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Cactus 5.1 Is a useful oil cactus 5.2 What are the benefits agave syrup 5.3 Is Honey Aloe Vera Health Benefits 5.4 Are there any benefits to peel cactus 5.5 Are the benefits of the Red Cactus loggerheads for other 5.6 How to use the cactus
  • 5.1 Is a useful oil cactus
  • 5.2 What are the benefits agave syrup
  • 5.3 Is Honey Aloe Vera Health Benefits
  • 5.4 Are there any benefits to peel cactus
  • 5.5 Are the benefits of the Red Cactus loggerheads for other
  • 5.6 How to use alsbar
  • 6 References


Aloe vera has many titles; In Syria and Iraq, known as Aloe Vera, while in Tunisia, Libya called the Indian, while it is called in Algeria and Morocco Akarmos, as well as the fruit of the Indian, while in Yemen defines Balbls, and the fig tree, while it is called the Egyptians figs name, has been known cactus for thousands of years for use primarily in cooking in Central America, Mexico, and moreover it has spread around the world consumed as one of the components of a balanced diet. [1]

Can be peeling cactus fruit, and eat raw, either leg flat cactus plant often called Nopales, called panes Nopalitos, it is worth noting that some people consume aloe vera to promote the health of the body, is also available in the form of dietary supplements in many forms; ROMs, liquids, capsules, and with respect to human organs edible; It can pulp consumption, trunk, seeds, as well as the legs. [2] [3] can be taken in the form of cactus juice, or tea, or jam. [4]

The nutritional value of the cactus

The following table shows the nutritional value per 100 grams of aloe vera plant raw: [5]

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Benefits of cactus by the degree of efficiency

Can Sabbar that offers many health benefits to the body, but its effectiveness is uncertain for all of these benefits, among them the following: [6] [7]

  • Lowering blood sugar levels: where it appeared that the consumption of a single dose of a cactus plant by some people who suffer from diabetes have reduced sugar levels in their blood at a rate ranging between 17% to 48%, but there is not yet confirms that consumption continued for a long time may possess this effect, [7] according to a review conducted from the School of Harvard Medical School in 2003, about the safety and efficacy of herbal consumption drug dose by patients with diabetes have shown that aloe reduced the level of blood sugar fasting and insulin levels, as it has improved insulin sensitivity without cause any side effects, but there is still a need for more long-term studies, [8] It should be noted that the potential impact of a cactus in lowering the level of blood sugar may be due to the high content of fiber, pectin, which may affect the transfer of glucose from the intestine and reduces the absorption of blood sugar, and contributes to improve, and in general can a diet containing fiber is soluble in water to reduce the risk of developing diabetes type II. [6] [9]
  • Reduce the symptoms of disease, hyper blood cholesterol family (in English: Inherited high cholesterol); As the consumption of fruit pulp cactus daily for 4 weeks with a healthy diet may lower total cholesterol levels and bad cholesterol in people who suffer from this kind of hyper-cholesterol, [7] reported a small study from the University of Vienna in 2003 to 250 grams consumption of cactus a day for two months of 8 healthy persons and 8 persons before suffering from hyper-family blood cholesterol simple degree has reduced platelet activity (in English: Antiplatelet activity) have also improved platelet sensitivity and control to stop the bleeding, which could prepare well for the circulatory system and blood vessels . [10] [6]
  • Reduce the symptoms of enlarged prostate: where I found an early study published in Herbs magazine, Spices & Medicinal Plants in 1993 that flowers cactus powder may reduce the symptoms associated with hypertrophic prostate, such as: feeling the need to urinate, or the bladder is full. [11] [7]
  • Good for the syndrome of metabolic: where improves cactus fat indicators in the blood, according to what I said a preliminary study was the product consumption containing leaf cactus plant with a healthy diet for 6 weeks by 68 women suffering from metabolic syndrome age ranging from 20 to 55 years, and Anin overweight or obese, and appeared to reduce the likelihood of triglycerides when 42 women older than 45 years, in addition to the low level of LDL cholesterol, especially after 14 days of the study. [12] [7]
  • Help fight viral infections: where it can help a cactus plant extracts from the type of Opuntia streptacantha on the inhibition of the proliferation of viruses, such as influenza virus A, and HIV, and herpes simplex virus, it has been shown that the material inhibitory effective in the extract is a protein found mainly in the plant wall, and this according to a study conducted at the University of Birmingham in 1996. [13] [6] [7]
  • Weight Loss: different studies about the effect of the cactus in weight loss; Where he said an initial study of the cactus did not reduce weight in healthy people or suffer from an increase in weight, [7] but on the other hand showed a systematic review and analysis of a holistic several studies that the cactus has little effect in reducing the body mass index and fat percentage and the level of blood pressure and cholesterol, However, this effect does not reach the level of scientific importance, there is still a need for further studies to confirm its effect. [6] [14]
  • Help alleviate stomach ulcers: In a study published in Ethnopharmacology magazine in 2001, was conducted on mice infected with stomach ulcers caused by ethanol, which found that stalk the cactus plant (in English: Cladodes) has contributed to the alleviation of the stomach has a sore, [15] According to a study of MESSINA University in 2007, it has been shown that diluted the effect of gastric ulcer to stalk plant cactus that contains particles of carbohydrates consisting primarily of gum and pectin to the content of the gum, [16] but there is still a need for more human studies to confirm this benefit. [6] [7]

Benefits of cactus joints

Cactus has antioxidant properties and inflammation, as a result it contains flavonoids compounds (in English: Flavonoids) high rate, which belong to the family Alkirsatin (in English: Quercetin); That fight harmful free radicals in the body and reduce inflammation, has been shown that aloe vera can help to reduce the pain caused by inflammation, in addition to promoting the health of joints, protecting the body's cells, it also reduces the swelling of the muscles, and is believed to inhibit toxins in the body, the natural solution to alleviate the problems of infections, [17] Moreover, it has revealed a preliminary study published in the Journal of Fitoterapia in 2001, and was conducted on a group infected mice with chronic infections; The extract of the methanol plant cactus stalks showed an anti-inflammatory effect, because it contains a species of plant sterols, a compound-called Beta-sitosterol, a compound similar to cholesterol and form. [18]

Benefits of cactus beans

You can get the benefits that I mentioned earlier by eating Mkm¬lat cactus that is obtained from pharmacies, shops and natural foods, as well as the possibility of buying it online, and it must be noted that there is no specific dose of these supplements, as advised to avoid consumption of by children; Because there is not enough information about the safety of eating them, and in general; You should consult your doctor before use; To find out the potential side effects that can be produced when consumed. [2] [19]

Benefits of cactus seeds

Containing fruit pulp cactus with many colors of seeds has its own form, which looks like a disk, and are these seeds is a rich source Banasra zinc, phosphorus, it is worth mentioning that the rich cactus oil polyunsaturated fatty acids (in English: Polyunsaturated fatty acid) also extracts of which, in addition to peels. [6]

Benefits of aloe juice slimming

The spread of many contributed sites, ads that care about weight loss, especially those belonging to the companies producing, selling weight loss products, in spreading misconceptions about safe and natural mechanism to lose weight, so it is necessary to refer to the importance of following the correct practices that support weight loss, and maintain stability; Thus promoting the health of the body, and help you to feel better, including; Healthy eating, exercise, and own motivation, in addition to the care to stay healthy, [20] [21] has indicated a study published in Current Therapeutic Research Journal in 2014 and a three-month, in which twenty people were healthy adults, were provided with a group of them Bhptin Mnmkmlat contain cactus fiber three times a day during meals major, have revealed these findings that the cactus fibers stimulate linked to fat and out through the stool, which reduces the amount of fat available to be absorbed into the body without any side effects, which helps to reduce body weight. [22]

Benefits of Aloe Vera for pregnant and breastfeeding women

There are no studies suggest that cactus provides special benefits for women during pregnancy and lactation, and that there is no information confirming the safety of its use during these periods. [23]

Benefits of Fruit Cactus Diabetes

Many studies have indicated that the cactus may reduce the risk of developing diabetes, and contributes to the mitigation of it, it has been shown in a small study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics magazine in 2014 that eating cactus along with a rich breakfast carbohydrate by people with diabetes type II can reduce glucose levels in the blood after eating, in addition to reducing the proportion of insulin, [24] on the other hand, has reported a review published in Frontiers in Pharmacology magazine in 2017 about the impact of the consumption of a product that is made up of different herbs types including aloe vera to help control blood sugar level, but there is still a need for further studies; To verify these results before they are used by patients with type II diabetes. [25] [2]

It should be noted that advises caution when aloe vera supplements consumed by people with diabetes in addition to attention to the levels of sugar have, especially for those who suffer from a lack of blood sugar (in English: Hypoglycemia), as the cactus can reduce blood sugar levels. [26]

Benefits of Aloe Vera colonic

Aloe vera is characterized by its content of dietary fiber, and many of the nutrients that may provide health benefits to the digestive system, [27] Nevertheless, there is no sufficient studies show particular benefits to eating cactus colon.

You can read more in detail about it in an article for the benefits of cactus colon.

Cactus damage

Safe use of cactus degree

Eating cactus amounts found in food safe mostly, but some of its parts consumption, Kalozhar, stems, leaves, and pulp, in addition to Mstkhalsath, medicine through the mouth in appropriate amounts, and within a short period of time, it is likely Secretariat. [26]

Warning use cactus

This can result in causing a cactus plant emergence of a number of side effects in some people, such as: diarrhea light, nausea, bloating, headaches, and so, as there are some cases in which they should take caution when food Astamalmkmlath, and among them the following: [ 23]

  • Diabetes: As mentioned earlier; It may cause a decrease eating cactus supplements in blood sugar levels in these patients, which calls for the need to monitor blood sugar after the consumption of this plant, in addition to the need to note the lack of blood sugar markers (in English: Hypoglycemia).
  • Surgery: where is recommended to avoid eating cactus two weeks before the surgery date at least; This is due to its effect on blood sugar levels; Making it more difficult to control during and after surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cactus

Is cactus oil useful

Despite the lack of sufficient information about the oil extracted benefits from the seeds, and flowers of cactus which is used in perfume manufacturing, indicated the results of a preliminary study was conducted on mice and published in Bioresource Technology magazine in 2006 that give oil supplements the seeds of cactus mice for 9 weeks contributed to reducing blood sugar levels by 22% compared with mice that did not consume, in addition to reducing the level of cholesterol, the bad cholesterol, while its effect was not observed in good cholesterol levels. [6] [28]

What are the benefits cactus syrup

The syrup or aloe juice one of the most juice favorite in Mexico by people interested in the health of their bodies, as it is believed that eating fresh, reduces the level of blood sugar, and reduce blood cholesterol levels, reported one animal studies published in the Saudi Journal for Health Sciences Journal 2012 The mice consumption of juice cactus for up to 8 weeks reduces the level of blood sugar, and the decomposition of oxidative fat, where is this juice is rich in antioxidants, such as polyphenols and flavonoids, vitamin c, vitamin e, and the compound beta-carotene, carotenoids, and therefore, consumed regularly may reduce oxidative stress, and prevents the development of diabetes complications, including; Disease cataract eye lens (in English: Cataract). [4] [29] It should be noted that it can be prepared brew using the machine distillation that rely on steam, can also be obtained through the freezing of the fruit and then remove them after a full night, and leave them in a cloth bag so leaking drink in another bowl, leaving behind other parts of the fruit. [30]

Do honey cactus health benefits

No information about the health benefits of this type of honey is available.

Are there any benefits to peel cactus

Usually disposed of peel fruits before eating, or used in various industries, scientists believe it could be this to exploit the scales that dramatically reduces the problems related to waste disposal, indicated a study published in Functional Plant Journal of Science and Biotechnology in 2011 that extracts these peels naturally good source of energy, and antioxidants, as vitamin c, and carotenoids, but this study is not sufficient to confirm the benefits of scaling. [31]

Are the benefits of the Red Cactus loggerheads for other

Cactus trees produce fruit with red, or yellow, or white, and vary the colors of fruits depending on the type of dye which has one of the reviews published in Nutrients magazine in 2013 indicated that the fruits of cactus red possessed the best effect in reducing fat oxidation. [32 ]

How to use alsbar

There are many ways in which this eating plant; Some people eat raw after removing the shell external, it should be noted that the fruit is ripe is characterized by less sweetness of fruits color red, purple flavor, some may prefer to get rid of the small and harsh seeds, while others choose to eat cooked after removing the thorns, green crust thick, and wash it well. [4]


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