What are the benefits nectarine

What are the benefits nectarine


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  • 3.1 content nectarine nutrients
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Peach tree belongs to the genus peach, which includes all nuts, such as: peach, apricot, cherry, almond, [1] and spread cultivation of peaches in South Carolina, [2] and is similar to peaches with nectarines, as the size of the fruits of peaches average, as it tastes sweet, and the difference between them is in the crust as it enjoys a nectarine thin crust covered with fuzzy tangles, and nectarines, the crust very soft and does not contain this villi, and can take advantage of nectarine by eating raw or cooking some kinds, and goiter several health because of the benefits because it contains large amounts of antioxidants, Fattaminac, minerals, dietary fiber will be mentioned in this article in detail. [3]

The nutritional value of goiter

The following table shows the nutrients found in 100 grams of the fruits of peaches: [4]

Benefits of nectarine

Nectarine content of nutrients

  • A rich source of vitamins: where is the source of nectarine vitamin A; Which has an important role in the growth, development, and maintain the health of the immune system, and also contains c Ensuring; Necessary for growth, rebuild damaged cells, in addition to vitamin K; In charge of the formation of clotting factors that help blood clot, [5] It is worth mentioning that the nectarine contains vitamin E; Which affects antioxidant and you need a different body cells, and maintains the health of the body's immunity and helps to expand the blood vessels to prevent clots. [6]
  • A rich source of minerals: where peaches contain potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure levels, which is one of Electrolyte essential nutrients that help cells to perform their functions, it also helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and kidney stones, and it should be pointing out that the nectarine is not the best foods for potassium metal, but add nectarine system daily is part of the health system, and the addition nectarine contains manganese component; Which contributes to the organization and functions of the brain and nerves, and also contains magnesium element; It is important to regulate the functions of the heart, nerves, and to maintain bone strength. [5] [7]
  • A rich source of antioxidants: The nectarine of rich these antibiotics and plant compounds foods that fight oxidation that occurs in the body and reduces the risk of aging and disease, and it should be noted that whenever the peaches fresh and mature more, increased amounts of antioxidants available in it. [1]
  • A rich source of fiber: Contains a cup of peaches on at least 7.5% of the daily needs of the recommended dietary fiber being addressed, it should be noted that the consumption of foods rich in fiber is associated with many health benefits and reduces the risk of many diseases, such as heart disease and blood vessels , cancer such as cancers of the colon and rectum, and diabetes type II, according to what I said a review published in the journal Nutrients 2018. [8] [7]

Studies on the benefits of peaches

The following points illustrate some of the benefits is uncertain and that need further studies to confirm:

  • A preliminary study was conducted on experimental animals published in the journal The Journal of nutritional biochemistry in 2015 indicated that the peach juice and peach consumption reduced the risk of metabolic syndrome, including high blood sugar, insulin, and indigestion blood lipids, and oxidation of LDL cholesterol, and maintains a healthy heart and blood vessels through nectarine juice consumption and other fruit juices rich Balfinolat instead of high drinks sugars. [9]
  • Preliminary study of smokers and experiments in mice and published in the Journal of cancer prevention magazine in 2017 that nectarine extract white may increase metabolic processes for the decomposition of toxic substances Kalnecotiin, and put it in the urine in smokers, and maintains tissue from the toxicity of nicotine and inhibits reactive inflammatory in the liver, kidneys and throat in mice, and therefore believed that smokers supplementation with white nectarine consumption is useful for them. [10]
  • Indicated laboratory study published in Food and Chemical Toxicology Journal in 2010 that the methanol extract of goiter inhibits compounds that cause allergic shock, and the level of cytokines induced inflammation, and immune globulin e, and histamine in mast cell or mast cell (in English: Mast cell), which in turn reduces the inflammatory cells caused by allergies. [11]
  • She laboratory study published in the Journal of Food chemistry in 2014 that the polyphenols in nectarine extract her role in the fight against breast cancer cells and prevent their spread and stimulate programmed death to them. [12]
  • She laboratory study published in the Journal of Functional Foods magazine in 2015 that the secondary products of goiter is a source of proteins and materials that reduce the risk of high blood pressure Kalpptidat. [13]
  • A preliminary study published in the journal BioMed research international in 2015 indicated that the peach extract 'contributes to the alleviation of bowel movement disorders; As it enhances the movement and the demise of the process of granules that are linked to secrete anti-toxic bacteria in the immune cells mast. [14]

Benefits nectarine skin

Nectarine contains some compounds that may maintain skin health and moisture content as well as to reduce the risk of exposure to damage the sun's rays, [1] where the study of the list indicated on the note published in Immunology, Endocrine & Metabolic Agents in Medicinal Chemistry magazine in 2017 that the compound consumption, which called the Glucocerebroside extracted from nectarine raises the level of Alsaramad (in English: Ceramide) in the body, which is one of the skin components and prevents the loss of water, which improves the cell's ability to retain its moisture and allows it to improve strength, [15] it should be noted that a single pill of peaches contain 15% of the recommended amount of vitamin c consume; Which helps heal wounds, maintain the strength of the immune system, also has a role in getting rid of free radicals, one of the chemicals associated with the risk of the destruction of the cells, and the incidence of many diseases; Such as cancer. [6]

Damage nectarine

The nectarine from which useful fruit can be consumed without damage to most people, but taken by some groups such as people who suffer from allergies to different types of pollen may cause some damage, such as: pollen allergy syndrome, as these allergies affect many people who suffer from allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever (in English: hay fever), and causes eating nectarine these people allergic reaction shows several symptoms, including; Itching in the mouth, or shivering, while in serious cases causing swelling in the throat, or hypersensitivity or allergic shock (in English: Anaphylaxis). [16]

Video on how to work Sorbyh nectarine

The following video demonstrates how to prepare Sorbyh nectarine: [17]


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