What are the benefits green apple

What are the benefits green apple


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green apple

Apple different Boloanh (red, yellow, and green) with great health, which is a rich food and poor value-calorie benefit, also contains a lot of important vitamins as vitamin B types, vitamin C, and a lot of minerals such as potassium, manganese, iron, copper, etc., in addition to his riches fiber and water, and what distinguishes green apple contained less amount of sugar compared with other apple colors. [1] In general, the green fruit helps to reduce the risk of some types of cancers and reduce the risk of heart disease and maintain the health of eyesight, and protection from birth defects that may be exposed embryos, and maintains blood strength, and the number of red blood cells, and bone strength and joints. [2 ]

Health benefits of green apple

Health experts conducted a lot of nutrition studies on the green apple, and extracted health benefits that characterize the green apple juice, including:

  • Green apples rid of toxins in the human body, which contains good amounts of antioxidants that inhibit the action of free radicals and protects the liver of them, which enhances liver function, ridding the body illusion of toxins. [3], also it protects the body's cells, and keeps them from damage ; Because it contains many Filawoonoadah, such as fishers and Alaepakatchen, which increases the body's immune compounds and microbial infections of Takia and reduce the likelihood of heart disease and diabetes. [1]
  • Protects the body from infections that cause pain Karomatesm and arthritis because it contains a good amount of antioxidants. [1]
  • Protects eyesight because it contains a green pigment chlorophyll, and some chemical compounds Kallutin and Zayaxantin. [2]
  • It protects the body from certain types of cancers; Because it contains some of the chemical compounds Kaltaossianat, as well as antioxidants. [2]
  • Maintains skin health and beauty and freshness, where it enters the building and renewal of cells, anti-skin signs of progress Kaltjaaid, and lines of skin; Because it contains antioxidants, the most important of vitamin C, which supports the work of collagen, which protects the skin and maintains its youth, and that antioxidants protect against skin blisters and acne, and many skin problems. [1]
  • Relieve asthma symptoms Kalhassasah and difficulty breathing, so it is advised asthma patients for inclusion in the diet of their program daily, also reduces the injury rate of child later asthma if addressed by his pregnant mother constantly, and this is evidenced by studies conducted on a group of children whose mothers comply, eating green apples. [ 1]
  • It enhances the beauty and health of hair, increases growth and prevents hair loss; Because it contains many elements such as copper, zinc, manganese, potassium, and iron, as it protects the scalp from dandruff that produces due to dry skin, where fed and moisten them. [1]
  • It protects brain cells and nerve cells and enhances their functions, which protects against Alzheimer's disease, which affects the elderly; Because it contains antioxidants different antioxidants and B vitamins that maintain the health and safety of nerve cells. [1]
  • Maintains bone growth and health; Because it contains elements that enter into the bone calcium composition. [1]
  • Enters in facilitating the process of digestion; Because it contains a high percentage of fiber that facilitates bowel movement, which increases the operations of metabolism, and the fiber removes body toxins, and supports the digestive system to carry out this function, and the rich green apple iron raises oxygen levels in the blood circulation; Which means strengthening red blood cells that carry oxygen and transported to the various cells of the body, which raises metabolic rates, and save the cells and the body of toxins, and fights free radicals. [1]
  • It promotes weight loss process if it was included in the daily diet program dedicated to weight loss; Because of his poverty calories, and dietary fiber that riches give a feeling of fullness, as the body extends a lot of nutrients that can be an individual is exposed to shortages if the following special diet to lose weight. [1]
  • It promotes the health of the pregnant where strengthens the joints and bones of the mother and her baby mother and fetus; Because of his riches with elements of calcium, potassium, and other elements involved in bone formation, and protects against anemia and anemia due to his riches in iron, and facilitates the process of digestion and relieves the problem of constipation that usually affects pregnant women, and contributes to the control of sugar and pressure levels, and it maintains the regularity of the heart rate. [1]
  • It regulates sugar in the blood; Because it contains dietary fiber that slows the process of sugar absorption in the intestine, which enhances the metabolic processes in the body, so it is advisable in diabetic patients taking it morning. [1]
  • It strengthens blood vessels and heart function, and regulates blood pressure; Because it contains potassium. [1]
  • It maintains the health of the mouth and teeth; Because it contains fiber that need a period of chewing, which increases the secretion of saliva, which reduces dehydration and fights mouth bacteria, which reduces the likelihood of tooth decay and reduces bad breath, and protects against gum, especially infections if taken in the morning. [1]

The inclusion of green apples in the food program

Green Apple, like other fruits and vegetables with a high nutritional value and can be included in the daily diet program by following the following ways: [2]

  • You can add green apples to breakfast Kthalih.
  • You can add green apples to meals snacks Almtozaah during the day, and taken various forms, fresh green apples or dried.
  • Green apples can be added to some dishes apple pie, and other lunch dishes chicken dish with apples and cream.
  • Can drink green apple juice at any time of the day, but must pay attention to the fruit share if consumed in the form of juice, the size is equal to 110 ml, or the equivalent of half a cup.

Video Green Apple

Apple every day sings about the doctor, "how if they were from the green apple? Watch the video to learn more:


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