What are the basic air vehicles

What are the basic air vehicles


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Basic air vehicles

The atmosphere consists of the land of five basic types of gases almost, namely nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor, argon, and carbon dioxide in addition to some vehicles and other, and even though you do not add water vapor to the periodic repetition table, but the air it contains 5%, as it spreads by between 1-3% to 1-5% depending on the place, and the advantage of being ranked third place, according to common gases spread, and what comes air components for the size of the standard conditions of 15 ° C, and Pascal 101325: [1]

Air gases

Air express a mixture of gases consisting of the Earth's atmosphere, where the mixture is composed of a range of concentrations of gases fixed, and another group of gases with concentrations of non-fixed. [2]

Physical properties of air

It can be expressed in several physical properties of air which is as follows: [3]

  • Mass and size.
  • Density equal to 1.229 kg / m ^ 3.
  • The specific volume is equal to 814.m ^ 3 / kg.
  • Atmospheric pressure is equal to 101.3 kN / m ^ 2.
  • Temperature and equal to 15 ° C.
  • Viscosity is equal to 1.73 * 10 ^ -15 Nm at sea / m ^ 2 level.


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