What are the advantages of computer

What are the advantages of computer


  • 1 Storage
  • 2 Speed
  • 3 battery power
  • 4 precision and high efficiency
  • 5 Reliability and multitasking
  • 6 References


The ease, and the capacity of high storage of the most prominent features that can be enjoyed by the computer, including the hard drive, which is the main repository to save files and information, in addition to moving disks that can be removed from the computer, including CD-ROM, which is considered secondary forms of storage. [1]

the speed

The computer is characterized by speed enormous in the completion of tasks, so that the measured speed of the computer listed in micros seconds, nano-second, and this is the biggest proof of the great speed that can be enjoyed, where the computer needs only a few seconds to perform calculations, which can take hours to complete without a computer , as millions of computer accomplish tasks and instructions can within seconds or parts of seconds at the same time. [2]

Battery power

Laptops rely run on the battery of the device power, and different batteries from each number of cells contained in each battery, the more the number of cell packs larger, as long as the battery for longer, but for desktop computer equipment, are connected electrically operated. [1]

Precision and high efficiency

Featuring computer precision infinite in the completion of tasks, where he can performs all accounts sports without there being any errors in the result, and if certain errors appeared, they are the result of the user and how to use it, or a bug in the programming process, not the computer itself , and it is characterized by high competence, where he can work continuously for long hours and the same quality in performance, and this unspeakable human who loses focus quickly when working for a long time. [3]

Reliability and multitasking

Featuring information addressed by the computer provided in the form of the output of high reliability, and is characterized by computers Beraatha and her intelligence in the performance of tasks, provided that the division of tasks on the sequence of steps, so computer can be absorbed and processed, and then remove them in an orderly way, and help input devices and output in the required efficiently perform tasks . [4]


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