What are the advantages and disadvantages of Taurus

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Taurus


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Taurus tower is a dirt towers, which belongs to the group both Capricorn and Virgo, extending his term of 21-4 April to May 20 to 5, this tower is consistent with all of the dirt and water towers, the ideal partner is a Scorpio, and has good compatibility with both Capricorn and Virgo and Pisces and cancer, but it is very Atnavr with pneumatic fireworks and Gemini constellations such as pregnancy. [1]

Recipes Taurus

Believes that the strengths of the Taurus is that they are reliable, practical, sincere, responsible, and stable figures, while the weakness of their points is represented in as stubborn characters, jealous, she loves gardening, cooking, music, romance, high-quality clothing, work with their hands, and hates bull sudden changes, lack of security of any kind, synthetic fabrics. [2]

It believes that Taurus figures are working hard, too, but they are lazy, and they sometimes have difficulty focusing on meeting the demands of another person, which may lead to difficult as they are times at work or school they have, pay and control all the challenges they face until they become those challenges history, they are also a model of perseverance; When the bull decides to do something it accomplished. [2]

Features Taurus

It is believed to be born bull is characterized by strong solid person before; He is a man of patience long and high ambition, rarely gets frustrated or despair, steady and slow pace seeking to achieve its goals successfully for sure, he is a man hard lover of his work and sincere in his performance and meticulous in its implementation, likes to be proficient in all the work entrusted to him high idealism which protect him from falling into the cash from managers at work, confident in his abilities lover of his work and strive hard in it to the fullest extent to get him out the best image. [2]

It believes that the strengths of the Taurus that includes reliable, but weaknesses include that stubborn and proprietary, and is able to see life from a realistic perspective, and can be regarded as stubbornness, which can be weak points has a positive feature; Because it can survive in the same projects for years or even finish them, making them employers excellent, and great friends, and long-term, and this tower is also the love of beauty, gravity, and satisfaction, and gratitude. [3]

Is believed to be born bull loves fat food and the ambience of luxury and comfort, a lover of nature and trees and scenic, and do not mind that most of his time in which, a person has a special appeal, and loving compassionate serving help of needed him, has discreetly clear make everyone love considerate and trust him, and Tower bull tactless in his actions in his dialogues polite, quiet and very soft, realistic and peaceful in most cases is, bears a great responsibility and everyone depends on it a lot, my person and can easily perform tasks and proficiency and accuracy. [3]

Believes that it is known that people who were born in Taurus have a reputation of being trusted, and pragmatic and ambitious, and Hsien, and they are good at dealing with money, intelligent and ambitious, and trustworthy, and appreciate the honesty before anything else, and they are stubborn. [3]

Love at Taurus

Is believed to be in love, we find born bull loves love itself always seeks emotional stability, and is sincere in his feelings but he does not always reveal it, but suggests the partner of his wish other ways to speak directly Fterah interested in things sweetheart seeks to Delighting, a romantic and affectionate and very passionate and Lin in his actions with her, meets the desires of overwhelming love, and sensory communication is very important for him and happens much greater impact than emotional talk; He was born instinctively raised his lust veiled women in glamorous beauty and self-confident, he is also attracted to women in mysterious sincere feelings and sober in their actions, he is very jealous and hates emotional ploys. [2]

It believes that love with Taurus relationship you need patience; Understanding are very sensitive, and often choose people from the same environment, social capable of responding to their needs intellectual for long-term relationships they have, and also the expectations of their families and close friends, as well as adherence to traditional values, and the side of practical life, and rarely choose a personal bull partner does not meet the basic education of expectations , shows and receives attention through gifts and material things. [2]

Friendship and family when Taurus

It believed that people born in this always ready mark to extend the hand of friendship has enabled it needs, despite the difficulty of building trust with the views of new social contact, and believed that most of their friendships begin in childhood and tend to last a lifetime, and once you come into contact with a person, they will do what they can to consolidate the relationship even in difficult times. [1]

Believes that home and family are very important things for the Taurus, and the personalities of the tower loves children and appreciates the time you spend with people who love them, and respect the family routine, habits, and attend all events and gatherings. [2]

Practical life when Taurus

Is believed to be born in Taurus love money and working hard to gain, and they Atarafon hard work, patience, and management, and when you focus on a particular project, it will adhere to it strongly, regardless of what is happening in the world around them, and is the key stability to understand the routine work they have , as the search for physical pleasures and rewards is a real need to build your sense of value, and achieve a luxury lifestyle and practical. [4]

Believes that the entrepreneur bull well with its financial resources tower, and pays all his bills without delay, and bear responsibility, and save their money to be spent in the difficult days, and believe that the professions that suit them are: agriculture, banking, art, and cooking. [4]

Disadvantages Taurus

Is believed to be born bull despite the beautiful qualities in him, but man too stubborn, and he likes to impose his opinion he is always loving to have absolute control, which if subjected to criticism or actions do not like revealed to you from the face of another bitchy and sharp, a tongue lashing and nervous Kalprcan, as you see sometimes lazy lover of idle routine and monotony, afraid of change and renewal, a lover of material, selfish in his life thinking about what suits him, and ignores what he loves others. [5]

Video personality of Taurus

To get to know the personality of Taurus View Video:


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