What are the advantages and disadvantages of Sagittarius

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Sagittarius


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Generates owners between November 22 Sagittarius to 21 December, and is ranked ninth in the list of the twelve towers, ruled by Jupiter, the race of fire, and corresponds to his companions mostly in line great with the owners of the twin towers of Gemini and Aries, and lucky numbers are: 3, 7 , 9, 12, 21, and the most common strengths have they love idealism, overshadowing their sense of humor and fun. [1]

Sagittarius features

The advantage of Sagittarius generosity and the starting and enthusiasm the owners, and vital, as they love freedom and travel around the world and learn about other cultures, and they are great dreams and ambitions and influence effective wherever they are, and that spirit emanating make them people with a culture and mentality of an open and make deals with them are attracted to them and impressed with this enthusiasm dominant on their lifestyle, [1] as they care about philosophy, and look at things from different angles to help them solve their problems in ways logical than others, and said they are able to turn their ideas into action, and do anything in order to achieve their desired so seeking their aspirations and their passion tirelessly and continuously, and they are also optimistic and always Mrahin making positive integral part of their personalities passionate and beautiful, and are characterized by extreme goodness, making them Tefoliyn sometimes, and they hate lying and deception hate severe and do not like to be restrained small details because they are incorrigible freedom. [2]

Disadvantages Sagittarius

Perfect non-existent prescription in general human beings, so the owners of a few sockets bow tower as is common, understanding despite numerous individual merits, but they are the owners of patience in force in front of their desires, things rush, which sometimes leads to recklessness and the occurrence of some of the chaos in their lives, and this haste does not praise consequences always special when launching their judgments on others, and taken on the baby boomers tower they sometimes give promises they can not meet them, they are also non-diplomats in their dealings with people and utter absolute frankly, may injure the speak with them without inadvertently of them, and also their confidence in excess of themselves may be repulsive often, so they need to find a better way to express themselves and themselves without reducing the others to respect, and also they revere their views and experiences of life, and they provide the views and experiences of others do not accept them easily, but this may be the drawbacks do not exist in all born bow. [ 1] [2]

Friendship and family when Sagittarius

Sagittarius owners can gain a lot of friendships more than others; Because as previously stated they are characterized by possessing sense of humor that makes their presence endearing also distinctive, [1] and the nature of love to travel and see all that is new also contribute to acquiring friendships diverse cultures enrich their ideas and refine their personalities, making them the most memorable and fun and happiness among the rest of the births and thus best able to form many friendships and record time, owning a friend of Sagittarius means owning a true friend faithful never always let down what is present in the darkest circumstances, he is willing to sacrifice for his friend without hesitation or waiting for, and they also love the family atmosphere that takes space great in the circle of their understanding tend to have fun with them, and seek to delight their loved ones with all the means by which they own, either with respect to critics of spontaneous others which may adversely affect the bonds of the family and the friendship Association, it must find the appropriate method when launching their judgments such as reincarnation, it is useful here to live this tower is trying to assume the human figure who in front of him before he criticized it is certain that his words would be more tact, kindness and less painful. [3]

Love at Sagittarius

Characterized by the owners of the tower love of change and diversification and makes access to the difficult task of true love a little, and if born Sagittarius does not fall in love, it tries to win the hearts of many, and generally good to keep it at a distance for some time until his intentions become clear and settle his emotions, as he does not like surface transatlantic relations, but if found true love it is very sincere with regard to his relationship with the partner, and has severe this relationship and loyalty, which is full of sacrifice readiness to make concessions in order to maintain this relationship and seeks to make efforts to please partner, and betrayal has the guilt of an unforgivable the punishment ruthless, a favored partner of the intellectual and deep and sensitive, which is fluent in expressing himself and loves to spend his time with him, and his love rare and closer to the imagination and passion emotion is very affectionate and caring for others but does not always succeed in this interest show as it sometimes lacks a good method in express himself. [4] [5]

Professional life at the Sagittarius

The nature of the released and open and loving life of the arc to make it chooses functions suitable for printing lively, it may be an agent for travel, or a photographer, or a researcher, or an artist, or an ambassador or diplomat, or may even work to import and export, all this seems appropriate for this spirit lover of freedom roaming, if the work of these functions it is often Sabda out, [3] and also born Sagittarius love to organized work and they are loyal to him and falls within their priorities, and if they occurred in a particular idea in mind, they are willing to do anything in order to achieve them, so what makes them successful if what have held positions that suits them, plus they love to raise money and spend it to enjoy it, so consider very Mosrovin, usually engaged in adventures and storm risks to make money, and shy away from routine and chores that make them sit in one place for a long time, so business is the office heavy burden on them unlike those that provide them with permanent movement as they Dinamekjon. [3] [6]


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