What are the advantages and disadvantages of Capricorn

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Capricorn


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It believes that the personal character Capricorn strong is negligent not like a joke, as is dealing with this tower people with much caution and care to avoid losing, the same personal time loving all modest help others, and the subject of a range of information and which are recognized more on personal Capricorn, the most important of these features and more personal disadvantages. [1]

Features Capricorn

Believes that Capricorn is characterized as a strong personality, and defends his strength and stability, with the appreciation of the responsibility associated with his family and his family are great and loves to communicate with them clearly prefer quiet places, one of the towers that the advantage of people historically long-term with the pursuit of planning to achieve those goals which often arrive to achieve them and very brilliant, and despite the love of Capricorn strong for his family and stability, but the marriage is not preferred in a small age group stage due to their thinking characterized by the depth direction of things that relate to their lives, with their distinctiveness with love and sincerity in the event of the new tower was found appropriate to his partner . [1] [2]

Believes that the advantages of personal Capricorn also punctuality and strong commitment of time, extreme love for his work and Todath him professionally, specifically those manual tasks that need intense accuracy, as well as business leadership, as the tower is known for patience and high ambition in addition to the dedication characterized by appreciation of responsibility, and in friendship is the owner of Capricorn of the best friends that can find them in time of need, and without waiting for any charge, and is very sympathetic, in control and wise leadership. [3]

It believes that the strengths of the serious include high responsibility enjoyed by, large capacity discipline and self-control, and believed that people born in this tower to have a sense of internal autonomy that will help them move forward to achieve their personal goals and professional, as well thought that they are experts in the development of plans and commitment, and continue to follow-up, they always Aterpon on the throne of the masters of restraint, and believes that it is not easy to break down the walls of Capricorn, and access to his world, but doing so leads to a commitment to the relationship with him for life, and is believed to talk about feelings is not easy with it . [3]

Disadvantages Capricorn

It believes that the disadvantages of personal Capricorn is that it is one of the characters that are characterized by a lack of fun, which is dominated by the nature of the full circumstances of the seriousness of life, one of inwardness personalities that tend to isolate, and prefer to stay in a quiet far from the people and events venue, as well as a preference for the lack of speech and courtesies , and slept cons of personal Capricorn also came from behind to take the crucial decisions that specializes in work and family, with his inability to fall in love because of the nature of the late decision-making, as they do not get love quickly because of the presence of the planet moon and Venus orbits of Capricorn, and is characterized also Capricorn dictatorship The reluctance and lack of confidence in others and the broad imagination and extreme vanity, and to abide by its decisions even if they are not correct, along with the general character of the personality of Capricorn, which is dominated by boredom and routine. [3]

The general character of the personality of Capricorn

Believes that sadness signs often appear on this character, specifically facial features because of the strict nature of the seriousness with which followed in his life, and is always in need of support because it feels inside it is always worth the best and that he is not as people think about him, he is someone who loves success and praise this is the success of those around him, materialism in his opinion are part of happiness, comfort and independence, which is the driving force for more hope and a sense of security and safety, but Capricorn needs someone to come out of love from within it to be able to change it, it is of love to change the characters but logically. [4]

Friendship and family life in Capricorn

He believes that Capricorn is stable, intelligent, and reliable, making his companions faithful friends, and good friends too, and helping others to realize their dreams, and they do not like to be surrounded by people asking a lot of curious questions, and they know when to set boundaries, and is believed though they are warm and open, and loyal enough to follow their progress, and believed that they resort to those who make them feel peace, honesty and intelligence at all times. [5]

Capricorn is believed to be associated with everything in the past and his childhood, he believes that he likes to show these memories whenever the approaching holiday season or birthdays, and they Sarmon but Adlon easily and parents bear the child and family responsibilities. [5]

Professional life when serious

Believes that Capricorn sets high standards for themselves, believe they usually arrive in what they want because of their sincerity, dedication and perseverance that lead them to achieve their goals, and believes they offer loyalty and hard work on all other things, and maintain these qualities, and is believed to be born of Capricorn is lively and resourceful on get the job done, I do not mind has to work long hours and commitment to the final product perfectly, and are believed to shine in the functions that include management, finance and accounting, programming, accounts, and believes it needs to tradition, and the system in which they live, and must order, cleanliness, and be clean his documents, and tidy, elegant and impeccable. [5]

Is believed to be born in this tower like money, and do not face a lot of trouble in his administration and save others do, and is believed to be doing everything they can to get rid of the loan or mortgage, but they also know that the real success will be achieved only in the long term. [5]

Love at Capricorn

Is believed to gain the attention of the baby in Capricorn and his heart is not easy, but just break its walls and melt his heart will make it committed throughout his life, and their relationships established to be with the baby boomers and other towers difficult because Tabahm difficult, but for their passion they love expressed in Bakir through acts instead of words, and they Ktomon matters related to emotional lives, and they need several years to talk about the actual emotional problems. [1]

Believes that it can seriously be lacking in compassion and passion when communicating with their loved ones, and can partner to rely on them, and use them as a starting point for any endeavor personal, however believes that they are not people who are willing to make many concessions. [1]


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