What are dietary supplements for bodybuilding

What are dietary supplements for bodybuilding


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Dietary supplements for bodybuilding

There are many dietary supplements that are ingested by the bodybuilders, perhaps the most important of the following supplements: [1]

  • Vitamins and Minerals: The multi-vitamin (in English: Multivitamin) and multi-metal (in English: multimineral) of important supplements for bodybuilding, because they ensure that physical processes perform properly, it should be noted here that the lack of vitamins and minerals harmful to my players bodybuilding, through slow down the process of growth and build muscle.
  • Fish oil: Contains fish oil omega 3 fatty acids that the body can not produce, which is important and necessary for the body, and states that omega 3 fats play a significant role in promoting heart health.
  • Algelomattin: it is considered one of the most glutamine amino acids are available in abundance in the body, and is its function in reducing muscle deterioration, and sold Algelomattin supplements in the markets in the form of powder or pills.
  • Creatine: Creatine is one of the most widely used and safest and most effective products that are ingested by players bodybuilding, where products she earns muscles of the body that enough energy, it also increases the body's ability to endure, by increasing its strength.
  • Glucosamine sulfate: The glucosamine sulfate (in English: Glucosamine Sulfate) of important supplements for the health of cartilage, it also maintains the health of the joints in the long term, so it is important for bodybuilding.
  • Zinc: Zinc is a mineral that helps to strengthen the immune system, it also helps keep cholesterol levels in the blood, and therefore recommended capturing because of its many benefits to the player sport of bodybuilding.
  • Picolinate chrome triple: picolinate chrome triple (English: Chromium Picolinate) is a dietary supplement important players bodybuilding, as the metal chromium is essential for the production of the hormone insulin, which is responsible for the stability of the blood sugar level, consumption and helps to increase the body's energy, burning fat In the body.
  • Whey protein: whey protein is (in English: Whey Protein) types of protein that is digested quickly, and is usually used in order to strengthen the muscles, referred to this type of proteins is sold in the form of powder ready to drink.
  • Casein protein: protein casein (in English: Casein Protein) is a protein on the exact opposite of whey, is characterized by slowly digested the process, and therefore can be taken at night, or before exercise, as this CMOS helps to release amino acids continuously to the muscles.

Protein intake

What promoted commercials protein powders, she sings about eating hundreds of fines from food and drink to build muscle, it does not mean that eating a large amount of food helps muscles quickly build, because it can cause the storage of fat in the body, this means it is necessary to eat the body has enough protein to stimulate muscle growth and to meet the daily needs of the body only, and to achieve this should be taken approximately 0.8 grams of protein per half kilogram of body weight. [2]

For example, if the body weight is 68 kilograms, it is necessary to eat 109 grams of protein almost every day, and foods rich in protein: beef, chicken, seafood, eggs, casein protein, research shows that casein protein is one of the best powders protein to build muscle, as ingested before going to sleep helps in the process of building the muscles of the players bodybuilding. [2]

A balanced diet

A balanced diet along with commitment to your training program helps to get strong muscles, A diet that provide the body with essential elements, they also provide him with the necessary energy, it is worth mentioning that it ensures the body's growth in the right way, and this must obtain a special perfection diet objects, and reduce the proportion of body fat, [3] It is worth mentioning that the diet should include basic foodstuffs, which is composed of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. [1]


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