Weight loss without diet

Weight loss without diet

Lose weight

Often you may escape the complete diet harsh regime have been on our pursuit of a period of time, and may also escape the exercise of aerobic exercise stressful and long, and give the utmost simplicity for the goal that we started following the diet and sports to achieve, a loss of excess weight, in order not to happen to us this apathy, and given the importance of weight loss in order to enjoy better health and attractive appearance more must be mindful of some things in our daily lives, which contributes very effectively in the loss of excess weight, and without bothering to follow the diet and these things:

Weight loss without diet

  • Drink at least 3 liters of pure water per day, to take into account drinking cups of them on an empty stomach, and a glass before each meal.
  • Green tea entry under the diet so that address the cup after each meal.
  • Drink a glass of boiled cinnamon gonorrhoeae evening, preferably before going to sleep an hour.
  • Eating a balanced breakfast meal containing protein with a little carbohydrate, with the inclusion of one kind of fruit or vegetables in this meal.
  • Stay away as much as possible for white sugar factory, and replace it with natural sweeteners such as those extracted from the corn plant.
  • Eating a balanced lunch ranging from proteins and carbohydrates as eating fish or chicken or grilled meat with a little rice and the amount of vegetables.
  • Eating vegetables or fruits between meals when feeling hungry.
  • Yogurt before going to sleep eating directly, and contribute effectively to the loss of excess weight.
  • Stay away from the food factory and ready as much as possible, so as to contain large amounts of fat, and thus you will get high calories accumulate in the body to body fat.
  • Edit the body of toxins, and we can by following a particular system once every week for a period of one day serving this system by drinking two liters of milk, skim, with eating a dish of green salad, which contains a large amount of parsley when you feel hungry, eat two cups of tea green without sugar, and the next day we return to the system of our natural, this system, which is not recommended to repeat it for more than one day a week helps to free the body of accumulated toxins, also it activates the metabolic processes in the body, and thus lose some kilograms of excess and our weight without any trouble .
  • Finally, do not forget jogging even for a short time, because of its many benefits reflected on the health of the individual.


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