Weight gain proteins

Weight gain proteins


  • 1 best proteins for weight gain 1.1 Altro Diamond 1.2 Alseris Diamond 1.3 Maskell Jos Platinum 1.4 Oesolat
  • 1.1 Altro Diamond
  • 1.2 Alcyrias Diamond
  • 1.3 Maskell Jos
  • Platinum 1.4 Oesolat

Best proteins for weight gain

Some types of food and natural offers a variety of proteins that help in the growth of cells and tissues and raising the body mass quantities, and are often advised to nutritionists eating these types of foods to treat thin and if you want to weight gain, and is the food in the milk, egg products, red meat, white fish and other legumes, grains, oils and natural food: such as olive oil, coconut oil, but some prefer to obtain these proteins in the form of dietary supplements, which helps in weight gain faster during the short period of time.

Altro Diamond

There is a form of protein powder is known for its high quality, often used by players weightlifting and bodybuilding in order to provide a greater range of calories for the body and are able to accelerate muscle growth rate in the various areas of the body and Zadeh masses, through its focus in his work on raising and increasing rates the presence of protein in the muscle combinations and the formation of a large number of new muscle tissue, which helps to increase the mass weight of the muscle of the body without the accumulation of fat in it, also helps in the dead tissue compensation and exposed to damage during strenuous exercise so as it contains carbohydrates variety.

Alcyrias Mas

Known as being the most dietary supplements used to increase muscle mass and weight gain, due to a lack of price with other dietary supplements are expensive compared to it, as it contains most of the nutrients and elements necessary for the growth of body weight gain, in addition to a large diverse, offering a small dose of proteins km it is about 50 grams of protein.

Maskell Jos

And find this kind of dietary supplements very popular among the players weightlifting and bodybuilding, because of the high proportion of protein in the unit dose from other dietary supplements which are up to 55 grams of protein, in addition to its ability to lock up the output in the body for a period of 6 hours after eating, so as to allow the body absorbs a larger amount of proteins before they leave with the waste, but the main source of proteins found in this supplement is the whey and egg whites.

Platinum Oesolat

Provide a single dose of this food 27 supplementary grams of protein to the body, especially protein ISO which is known being the best types of protein and Oanagaha and fastest in terms of digestion and absorption of muscle to her, and is a suitable option for weight gain in healthy because it is free of sugars, carbohydrates and fats, in addition to his riches material arginine that working to increase muscle mass.


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