Ways to remove the rumen in two days

Ways to remove the rumen in two days


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Can you remove the rumen in two days

There are too many of the diets number, programs and weight loss, and tricks that are weight loss easily and quickly in two days or a week, but most of these diets promote methods are ineffective, and is considered in some cases, unhealthy, and extremely dangerous, so the basis of weight loss in the long long successful is making permanent changes in lifestyle and health habits by eating a healthy diet with increased physical activity, which leads to lose half a kilogram to one kilogram per week. [1] [2] [3]

It should also be noted that some of the beliefs and allegations spread among the people that can burn fat in one area of ​​the body without the other regions; Kalptun for example, and although these allegations were popular, but this in fact is incorrect and inefficient; The body stores fat to be used as an energy source when it needs, and when it starts burning it takes it from all over the body and not from one area, turning it into fatty acids and glycerol in the blood stream, [4] but there are some tips that can be followed for weight loss in each body in addition to abdominal fat, which Snzla in this article.

Tips to get rid of the rumen

The accumulation of fat in the abdominal factor is a key risk of developing type II diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases, and although the loss of fat in this area is difficult, but there are many tips that can be followed for weight loss, and therefore; Reducing excess fat in the abdominal area, and it should be noted that there will be a big impact when you follow all the advice on the unit, and to get good results should combine different methods, which are usually associated with food and lifestyle overall health, so the changing lifestyle in the long long is the key to losing belly fat and weight loss, and these methods we mention the following: [5]

  • Intake of soluble fiber sources in the water; Which enhance the role of weight loss, to their ability to absorb water into the intestines, and the formation of a gel block, which reduces the speed of the passage of food through the digestive system, and increases the feeling of fullness, it also reduces the amount of calories absorbed by the body from food, and from sources rich in this fiber, flax seeds, avocados, legumes, and raspberry.
  • Avoid foods that contain trans fats (in English: Trans Fats), which also called fat hydrogenated, and can be achieved by reading the label ingredients, canned ready-made foods, and often include these fats as the hydrogenated fat partially, it is worth mentioning that it has been linked to this fat higher rate of infections, heart disease, and the body's resistance to insulin, gain fat in the abdominal area, [5] in a study of animals and published in the Journal of Obesity; Which was given food animals contain high amounts of trans fats as part of the diet supplied Calorie suitable, for 6 years, and found that these foods are the proportion of weight gain and fat accumulation in the abdominal area have increased even without increasing the amount of calories for the need for these animals. [6 ]
  • Reduce stress levels, because it leads to stimulate the adrenal glands to produce cortisol (in English: Cortisol) also known as the stress hormone; As the high levels in the body may lead to increased appetite, fat storage in the abdominal area, and can help to engage in fun activities, and the practice of yoga or meditation to relieve stress. [5]
  • Stay away from drinks that contain sugars; Kalmhrobat gas, as well as fruit juices; As the fruit era leads to a loss of fiber, making it only contain sugar, so it is advisable to drink water instead of juice, and can then be a gradual reduction of the foods that contain sugars in general, and is recommended in the event of feeling the need to eat something sweet; Eat a grain of fruit; Apple tree. [7]
  • Follow an active lifestyle, it is important for those who are trying to lose fat from the abdominal area to increase sports activity; To get rid of excess fat in their bodies, so it is important to stick to the sports activity, but without Alarat in the exercise, as this may increase stress hormone levels; Cortisol, which -as mentioned Sabaka- associated with an increased accumulation of fat in the abdominal area, so you can start light Pettmtren; As a matter of brisk walking on a daily basis to stimulate the metabolic processes in the body. [7]
  • Mitigation of carbohydrates, particularly refined ones (in English: Refined Carbs); Which helps fat loss, including fat rumen, is not required to follow a very low carbohydrate diet to achieve it; [5]
  • Get the premium enough sleep, Sleep is important for the health of the body in general, as it gives the body rest, and a chance to recover, and in addition, the sleep may have an effect also in weight; [8] In a study published in the Journal of The American Journal of Clinical nutrition, conducted on people aged 60 years or more; Found that sleeping less than 5 hours, or more than 8 hours a day was associated with an increase of obesity. [9]
  • Drink water half an hour before meals; Some studies have shown that it increases weight loss by 44% over the long term. [10]
  • Choose a few food manufacturing, which is more healthy, it also prevents excessive eating. [10]
  • Eat slowly; As this leads to a feeling of fullness, increased secretion of hormones responsible for weight reduction. [10]

Fat distribution in the body and measure rumen

Indicates waist circumference measurement, which is more than 102 centimeters in men, or more than 89 centimeters in women to an increase in unhealthy abdominal fat, and is know by measuring the waist by following the following steps: [11] [12]

  • Stand up and put the measuring tape around the stomach directly above the hip bones.
  • Make sure the measuring tape bounding area comfortably flat while avoiding pressure on the skin.
  • Relax and breathe then do without the stomach to take the measurement of the inside suction.

Video ways to remove the rumen in two days

To learn more about [13] Watch the video.


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  • ↑ Video for ways to remove the rumen in two days.


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