Ways to arrange home beautifully

Ways to arrange home beautifully


  • 1 division of the house into functional areas
  • 2 cabinets Order
  • 3 kitchen Order
  • 4 other ways to arrange the house
  • 5 References

The house is divided into functional areas

Can arrange home by dividing it into functional areas, as doing so helps to keep the house organized, and promotes the use of space effectively, and can be done by allocating a specific area of ​​study, and children's play area and storage area for clothes in the off-season, the area to store coats, room to wash clothes, and so, in addition to identifying many other areas that will help the family a large number. [1]

Order cupboards

Reservoirs can be divided into separate areas, though are allocated the upper part of which adults Coats for example, the bottom of which coats for children, as doing so makes it easier for the family to find things very quickly. [1]

Kitchen Order

It can be the kitchen arrangement practically by placing all the ingredients and tools that are used regularly near each other, where have utensils that are used mostly on the nearby shelves mode, in addition to the development of basic spices, cooking oil, salt, and pepper on a shelf close to the food preparation area , as must also keep food items that are frequently used close to the food preparation area, such as garlic and onions, but must take into account leaving enough to be able to prepare food comfortably space. [2]

Other ways to arrange the house

There are many other ways in which they can arrange home beautifully, including: [3]

  • Use curtains to hide bookshelves stacked.
  • Exploit the cupboards to save the files.
  • Put things in the most relevant places.
  • The allocation of a specific color for each individual family, so buying everything has this color, such as towels, toothbrushes, cups, lunch boxes, and all other things.
  • Put the shoes in places specially allotted to them and not leave them dumped here and there. [2]


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