Way to know the speed of the net

Way to know the speed of the net


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Internet speed

The way to know the speed of the net on a computer or mobile device is not a difficult process, usually measured in kilobits (Kbit) in the second, not kilobits per second, if we want to ensure the credibility of the offers companies DSL, we will find that the speed at which we pay the price for the company differs from the speed on the device provider is the web service, for example, when you give a corporate DSL speed Net of $ 8 Mega gets the device at the 6-megapixel or less, and the reason for that DSL companies distribute a single Internet line on a large number of computers or mobile phones, which reduces the speed equipped devices.

Measuring the speed of the net

You can measure the speed of the Internet through:

control Board

  • From the Start menu go to the device control panel.
  • Choose from the Control Panel Network properties and the Internet (Network and internet).
  • Choose Sharing Center and Network (Network And Sharing Center).
  • We choose to change the adapter settings (change adapter settings).
  • Click twice on the network that we use on the device to the Internet provider.
  • Show us a window containing a collection of information under the title (Connection) provide for the Internet by information (Speed) speed, ie the speed of loading and unloading you provide DSL company.

Run the command

  • From the Start menu window choose Run.
  • Write the command ping yahoo.com -t in the window Run.
  • Press the Enter from the keyboard.
  • A new window appears containing private information to the Internet.
  • The value of the Internet speed on the user's device to be in front of the word time.
  • Whenever the previous value of smaller Internet speed is better.
  • When the request time out words, this indicates a slow flaw in the Internet connection.

Causes of poor Internet speed

There are many reasons associated with the computer device itself lead to a weakening of the speed of the Internet, the most important:

  • Large size where the jamming signal and minimize the net software download.
  • Download the protection program of viruses a large area, in addition to loading a huge number of files, images, and videos.
  • Annoying ads on sites where electronic communication weaken the speed of the Internet.
  • Increase the number of Internet users, the more the number of users less than its speed.
  • Disable an internal computer or external device components and not its functioning to the fullest, as well as links associated with the device, such as flashes may affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the speed of the Internet.


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