Way to expel rats from home

Way to expel rats from home


  • 1 mice
  • 2 ways to expel rats from home 2.1 house cleaning 2.2 Potato powder 2.3 onion and garlic 2.4 peppermint oil 2.5 rat traps
  • 2.1 house cleaning
  • 2.2 Potato powder
  • 2.3 onion and garlic
  • 2.4 peppermint oil
  • 2.5 rat traps
  • 3 Tips to protect the house from rats
  • Video 4 ways to expel rats from home
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Rats are considered a platoon of small-sized animals, and reproduce this type of living organisms rapidly, in addition to the front teeth of a large size, used; In order to bite off anything, it is possible that these animals exist anywhere in the world almost, and may be dangerous if any inside the house; Because they may carry parasites, or infect humans with a number of diseases, and there is most of the rats in basements or behind walls, [1] and is considered both winter and autumn, the basic time for the emergence of rats; He is trying to get warm home live; Where the rats enter the house; In search of shelter, warmth, water, and they are accustomed to living with humans, it is impossible for a single rat only at home; Because entering the rat and one home, a sponsor to make other rats find a way to enter the house, too, and it must get rid of these animals rapidly, if any at home; Because they multiply rapidly. [2]

Ways to expel rats from home

The presence of mice in the house of the most important problems faced by housewives, and to get rid of them must follow the following ways:

House cleaning

The cleaning of the house as a first step to get rid of mice, and requires that the process of a comprehensive in terms of coverage of foods in and keep them lose properly, in addition to dispose of all waste and make sure the containers close well, besides it is important to look for any entries possible for mice whatever small size reached, and lose all over the house. [3]

Potato powder

This helps domestic component of the killing of rats; And utilized through powder spraying potatoes in the corners, which is expected the presence of rats or where they feel free to them, Vstoklh these rats and then potato chips start inflation in their intestines, causing her death. [4]

Onion and garlic

According to these two ingredients to get rid of rats and mice are easy and simple, use the onion does not require more than put some onion in places where there are rats even evade its smell harsh, but it is necessary to take into account the replacement of onions every two days, and careful not to pet him closer to being toxic her, on the other hand it can prepare the recipe for the expulsion of mice by mixing some chopped garlic with water or leave some garlic cloves at the entrances. [4]

Peppermint oil

The use of peppermint oil, it is not the best ways to eliminate the rats, but it can be used as a kind of solutions; As the smell of mint repellant, and harmless to mice, and considered this method of natural ways; To get rid of mice; [5], the way the use of peppermint oil in the expulsion of mice can be summarized in: [6]

  • The work of medium-sized balls of cotton.
  • Soak cotton balls in the center of mint oil.
  • Distribution of cotton balls in areas where there is thought to where mice, house entrances, and angles.

Rat traps

Help traps to catch mice and prevent them from entering the house, but it is preferable that the use of human fisheries, ie those that do not cause the death of the mouse, and providing them with one of the meals that you love mice lose every morning, and then release him away from home after closing them, taking into account when that is moving away from populated areas before editing it. [7] there are several types of traps rats, are: [8]

  • Trap applied: is characterized by the trap applied that is made of plastic material, or wood, and have this kind of traps-sized rat, and is characterized by this trap for his ability to catch rats, and killing, a type is not in charge, but human use your rat type; Because your small size type mice; Which makes constipation rats use is difficult.
  • Live trap: put this type of traps inside the ground holes; Where the rats enter into this trap, but they can not get out of it, and the man that cares about emptying the trap in the event of a rat inside, and check them regularly, it is possible to get rid of rats through human murder, or leave the rat abroad, but must verify that the rats will not hurt others, and will not go back into the house again.
  • Trap glue board: is not this kind of effective traps in hunting rats, it is possible to get rid of the rats on the glue trap, and be using one foot, or both feet, and it can displace the board stuck to her body.

Tips to protect the house from rats

It is possible to protect the house from entering the rats to him, one by following these tips: [1]

  • Cat is a skilled hunter of rats; So can a man reared; To get rid of those animals.
  • The waste disposal bags directly after throwing inside foods is necessary, and the bags must be closed when they exist at home, preferably when you take it out, put it in a place far from home; Even a reason not to attract rats inside the house.
  • It prefers to keep foods in closed folders; This is because the exposed foods may cause attract rats.
  • Is closing positions that may cause the entry of rats into the house, whether in the doors or windows, is extremely important, and man must come from chimneys, doorways, and make sure they are tightly closed, and closing small tubes extended to the outside of the house, using mineral wool.
  • The verification of the garage that the car is free of rats necessary; Because rats may cause erosion of car tires, or serious crashes in cars. [2]
  • Preferably careful organization of the surrounding landscape at home and take care of it, and attention by making them far from home; They may be crossing gate insects, rats, inside the house. [2]

Video ways to expel rats from home

To learn more about ways to expel rats from the house watched the video.


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