Way to drink pomegranate peel Shapers

Way to drink pomegranate peel Shapers


  • 1 pomegranate peel
  • 2 drink pomegranate peel Shapers 2.1 components 2.2 Preparation 2.3 method of drinking
  • 2.1 components
  • 2.2 Preparation
  • 2.3 method of drinking

Pomegranate peel

Pomegranate delicious fruits, and called the name of the fruit paradise, and I have her name mentioned in the Koran, and the fruit of red and pink pomegranate, and can take advantage of all the fruit of the components of the pomegranate to contain the benefits of various, we will in this article benefits peel dried pomegranate in slimming, where it used in the work syrup is working on slimming weight, especially belly and waist area.

To drink pomegranate peel several benefits in addition to slimming, it works to protect the heart and prevent the increase of cholesterol in it and in the arteries as well, in addition to it concludes the body of toxins, and helps heal wounds and speed of healing, it is also used in massage hair, preventing hair loss and protects and preserves moisture, and it helps to get rid of dandruff and prevents the body exposed to drought, and is also considered protective protects against the sun's rays.

Drink pomegranate peel Shapers

Peel the pomegranate syrup is used for slimming, where he works to lose weight, especially the rumen area, less than the weight of the person who follows this method at a rate of six kilograms per month.


  • Avsali pomegranate peel and national drying it, or you can bring the pomegranate peel ready-dried Attar, and we need this recipe to a tablespoon of ground pomegranate peel, can be used pomegranate peel Mtahona or blow-dry only.
  • Ginger crushed by a large spoon.
  • One cup of water.
  • A number of green tea leaves, or the amount of a small bag of ready-green tea.
  • Three to four sheets of mint green.

How to prepare

  • Put pomegranate peel ground in a cup or jug ​​and add green tea, mint, ginger into a cup, and then add boiling water to it and move it well until the mixture becomes homogeneous, leaves ten minutes for about, then be ready for use.
  • You can put the amount of water on the gas cup and add ingredients to it and allow it to boil and then be removed from the fire.

Way to drink

  • The peel deals with pomegranate syrup every morning on an empty stomach, before eating anything else, and the amount of cup is taken daily.
  • You can drink pomegranate peel twice a day, to be the first time in the morning before eating anything, the second times in the evening, that they have gone through a period after lunch, and be semi-empty stomach.
  • Weight loss results with time will appear.


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