Way to cook lamb thigh

Way to cook lamb thigh


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  • 2.1 cooking lamb thigh boiling
  • 2.2 cooking oven Alfajdh
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Is the meat of the highlights of the foods we eat during the day, it is one of the most important sources of protein that works to nourish the body so as to achieve the full benefit, and provide the body with the nutrients it needs, and we talked about foods favored by the Arab man found that red meat and white most attention on the Arabic dishes , though finding a lot of people flesh of the luxuries in life, due to the high cost on the one hand, and the worsening health conditions associated with meat on the other hand, perhaps the prominent spread through recently about the importance of meat in promoting growth so as to achieve integration in the health that it needs one more or another, many of us likes the meat, it can eat cooked or boiled or even roasted, and in all cases to achieve the wonderful taste combination between pleasure and satiety at once, and the meat as we knew previously managed to emerge in the most luxurious restaurants, and a dish of President, especially in the atmosphere on Friday after Friday, where Taatgmehr family around the table to be meat Siddha prayer, and become the most delicious feast and delicious than anything at all.

Way to cook lamb thigh

The red meat of the most prominent types of meat that tolerate wide attention in the area of ​​our lives, and the most important of lamb and veal, beef, etc., and all of these types bring you a special trance you, Vtsaad eating lamb for example, because it smells make it distinct from the rest of types of meat, and the veal is the meat soft, which is easily cooked, even without the use of a suit pressing for example, each of these types is characterized by his stature on the Arab our plates in one way or another, Aftha thigh lamb is different from cooking any other part of the lamb, the reason for this is that each region in this animal differ in terms of the quality of the meat from the other, but I looked at the breast meat for example, I have found that he needed two hours and more on fire, while, for example, the thigh need only for one hour only, if not you need less in the event of numerous ways of cooking, some prefer to scald thigh, and then roasted, which achieves maturity and mitigate the proportion of fat in them, as they keep it soft if you want to be addressed at another time. Our topic Sidor for cooking lamb thigh way, which is what Snzla detail:

Cooking lamb thigh boiling

The cooking boiling method will help you reach the wonderful taste, though they require you time and effort, etc., as well as it will help you in acquiring the stock that could be exploited in cooked rice, for example, or use in other recipes, substitute for meat if you do not have the need time.


  • Fajd lamb cut.
  • Large onion.
  • Pepper turkey.
  • Seasoning cooking.
  • Meat seasonings.
  • black pepper.
  • salt.
  • parsley.
  • dill.
  • Lemon juice is unsweetened.
  • A grain of tomato.

How to prepare:

  • Make sure free Alfajdh of large amounts of fat, if any, try to get rid of them as much as possible, and after you get them, try to Taataamla with them in a way to make you pray to the recipe completely required.
  • Doing Alfajdh black pepper, cumin, salt, spices, meat and spices, and garlic, and a little lemon juice, and after they let go for a period of not less than two hours.
  • Urban vegetables required to cook, Vaamla on the chopping onions long slices, and add the oil to suit the cooking, and leaves a little so protected, then add the onion and leaves a little until you get a nice golden color.
  • Add to thigh, and leave moves with oil and onions, and in the meantime Observe that the smell of spices have begun to mingle with onions, this is required.
  • Hmreha well, when Taathmr edges Alfajdh, add the bell peppers with tomatoes, parsley, incised by dill and green peppers, and leave it on the fire, to evaporate the water in them.
  • Add water until it is well covered, and then leave it on fire for a period of not less than one hour, or hour and a half, and after they become ready to add a little of halva if you want, they give them a taste great, unit in taste.

Cook Alfajdh oven

Is the method used in a lot of restaurants, and help you bring the spirit of the barbecue on Alfajdh, if you wish you can use the oven or fire on hot coals according to what you want, and begin.


  • Fajd sheep full.
  • Potato cut.
  • black pepper.
  • salt.
  • Bharat barbecuing.
  • Lymon.
  • Onions.
  • Tomatoes.
  • dill.
  • parsley.
  • pistachio.

How to prepare:

  • Doing Alfajdh and definitively all kinds of vegetables already mentioned, and try to leave it in evaluating hot water until soft somewhat.
  • Bring plastic food bags intended for cooking oven.
  • Begin put the lamb inside the thigh, and add spices with vegetables and chopped.
  • After that put your all components of your existing national move it several times, even mixes ingredients with each other, at this stage Tkona have kindled the oven, and leave for five minutes until hot.
  • Put a bag in the oven, and leave it at a temperature of between two hundred to two hundred and twenty, for a period of not less than two hours, and after Tjhazeeh.
  • Agersai knife in Alfajdh from all sides until mixed fluid inside, so you get the delicious taste, great taste, and lean meat at the same time.

Mandi Pfkhaddh Lamb

This method is one of the most ways that take time, it may more than three hours over the fire and require you well Tetbila meat, preferably thigh has been marinade previously, and after becoming a fire protector and ready, place the meat on the oven mandi, put underneath tray rice is mature, and leave it on the fire for more than three hours, and then narrated from the fire, and then Finely chop, you will notice that this flesh began pouring gravy from within, and that's what makes this method of the best ways that keeps the fat percentage in Fajd Lamb, after it is ready you can add it nuts or cheese melted, and eat with bread or rice.

Finally, each point of their way to make such a dish and it must take into account that the thigh should get enough on the fire, because if you rush the cooking process, it will not be fully cooked as you like, and you will have to return fire more than once, and must also to take into account that the meat should be seasoned before you start cooking Bamah, whatever the way until you get through it on the taste you want, and the quality that I wanted to seem on your plate after cooking, Bahina and healing after these delicious recipes.


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