Way paper placed walls

Way paper placed walls


  • 1 Architecture
  • 2 Put wallpaper 2.1 tools required 2.2 Mode of Action
  • 2.1 tools required
  • 2.2 Mode of Action

Architecture art

The evolution of the art of architecture in this age dramatically, Vtnoat aspects of construction and forms of buildings due to the progress of geometry, but the change inside the house has become a requirement for many people, especially if the construction of old, the aim of attaching wallpaper is a change of internal home appearance.

Put wallpaper

Tools required

  • Amount of wallpaper according to the area to be work.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Large scissors.
  • pencil.
  • A large table to work on them.
  • Brush paint medium measurements.
  • M wood.
  • a knife.
  • A piece of sponge.
  • Paste to use in closing the holes and cracks in the wall.
  • Bremer paint to clean surfaces.

The method of work

  • We use a meter in identifying areas to be glued paper it; Where we define the length of these surfaces and displayed.
  • These spaces on the record book and put signals using a pencil on the wall.
  • When buying rolls of paper sticker we recognize the length of each roll and display.
  • Clean the surfaces to be working on it with water and any other material with no foam to rid it of airborne dust by using a piece of sponge.
  • Close the cracks in surfaces using amounts of putty, and Nfrckha well to become just like any other soft surface parts.
  • Foreign guest electricity covers and cover these keys with adhesive tape.
  • Ndhn walls painted wall (the Premier) it helps to paste paper easier.
  • Measure the length and width of the wall using a meter, and put signs on the wall using a pencil.
  • To provide integrity accuracy thread must use the water (which is a coiled thread on the reel proves one end at the specific point and the other party at the point opposite the first point and pull the thread and leaves traces a straight line on the wall).
  • We define these lengths on the walls to be installed paper.
  • Open the paper roll on the table and determine the length and by the lack of specific lengths, leaving 10 extra centimeters.
  • Brush the back of the paper with adhesive well; So that the material is distributed well adhesive on all parties, and Ntneha so that the paper is a party to the same.
  • The wall can be painted with adhesive to become more smooth.
  • Prove a party paper on the upper side by signs that have been identified and we go down to the bottom paper noting not be bubbles underneath air.
  • The first paper affixed paper is the basis for the rest of the leaves, so we have to make sure straightness.
  • We note the direction of the graphics on paper.
  • Complete the work the same way in the room with a note graphics and shapes.
  • Leave the paper to dry and needs for about 20 minutes.
  • After making sure that the adhesive dried Nbll piece sponge with water and wiping them on the paper label from the material to clean excess adhesive.


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