Way of eating fruit cream

Way of eating fruit cream


  • 1 the fruit of the cream and the way addressed
  • 2 the benefits of the fruit of health cream
  • 3 nutritional value of the fruit cream
  • 4 damaged fruit cream
  • 5 References

The fruit of the cream and the way addressed

The cream tree, known scientifically as Annona muricata grow in tropical regions of America, which is evergreen and has large leaves are dark and shiny green, grow at a height of 5 meters to 6 meters, it is possible to use the leaves, and seeds, and stems and fruit in the pharmaceutical industry, The fruit of the cream (in English: Graviola); It is a fruit-like heart in shape, ranging in color from green to yellow from the outside, and inside the white pulp, varies in size; It is possible to be a little bit big, so it cut preferably into several sections when ingested, they are eaten raw, and should be selected soft, it can be left to mature for a few days, through the cut in half lengthwise, and then rooms pulp located inside, a tasting strong, strength cream, used in many foods Kalmtgat, juices, and can be added to baked to give a sweet flavor, as tea makes them, and characterized by high their content in fiber, vitamin c. [1] [2] [3]

The benefits of the fruit of Annona health

The researchers pointed out that the cream contains many health benefits, including the following: [4] [1]

  • Helping to reduce the level of sugar in the blood: where a study was conducted on mice in 2008 it is possible for the cream can help to control sugar levels in the blood, and in the case of diabetes.
  • Help lower blood pressure: as high blood pressure is uncontrolled may increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and often was the cream used to treat my people to reduce levels, in addition to that found in a study on mice that the cream reduced blood pressure without causing a rise in heart rate.
  • Possess anti-oxidant properties: as if these antibiotics invalidate the free radicals that cause damage effect, and reduce the risk of many diseases, such as; Heart, diabetes, cancer, also owns Annona compounds have anti-oxidant properties, including; Flavonoids (in English: Flavonoids), and tannins (in English: Tannins), and sterols plant (in English: Phytosterols), and anthraquinone (English: Anthraquinone) and others, but there is a need to research more about the antioxidant ability in the prevention of certain diseases.
  • To help treat herpes: where considered cream substitute for the treatment of herpes, but there is no supporting evidence yet, and is a herpes viral infection, it may appear on the mouth or on the genitals, which is caused by the herpes simplex virus (in English: Herpes simplex virus).
  • Prevention of ulcers: as it is a painful inflammation that affects the esophagus, delicate, lining and intestinal infectious, and in the study of rodents; Shows that the cream of the capabilities of anti-ulcers, and in addition to helping them prevent free radicals from damaging the gut, they also help to protect the lining of infectious mucous.
  • Reduce inflammation: where conducted some studies on rodents and found that the cream contain ingredients possible for them to help reduce the pain, anti-inflammation, a normal reaction immunofluorescent result of an injury, it should be noted that chronic inflammation can contribute to the injury diseases.
  • Anti-bacteria: as laboratory studies, and the results showed that it is possible for the cream to kill a number of types of bacteria, including what causes the infection, tooth decay, inflammation of the gums (in English: Gingivitis), in addition to its ability to influence the bacteria vancomycin cluster (in English was conducted: Staphylococcus ); The bacteria causing cholera, but it should be noted that these studies used extracts high concentration, exceeds the amount eaten, so there is a need to conduct further studies to assess the potential impact of the anti-bacteria in humans.
  • Help kill cancer cells: where he conducted laboratory study examined the effect of buttermilk extract on leukemia cells or what is known as leukemia (in English: Leukemia); And it found that it stopped to be the growth of cancer cells, while in another study on breast cancer cells, it was found to Mstkhalsa the ability to improve device activity immune, and kill cancer cells, in addition to reducing the size of the tumor, but it should be noted that these studies are only studies laboratory, used a strong dose of extracts, so there is a need for other studies to research on the impact of this fruit in cancer in humans.

The nutritional value of the fruit cream

Is the fruit cream is high in carbohydrates, particularly fructose (in English: Fructose), in addition to contain many vitamins and minerals; Like; Vitamin B-2, vitamin B1, vitamin C, zinc, potassium, calcium, and others, the following table shows the value of the nutrients found in 100 grams of raw cream: [5] [6]

Damage to the fruit cream

Can Annona cause long-term sort of problem in the movement and nerve damage, they may also be toxic to the liver and kidneys, so it is on people with diseases related to both, should avoid eating cream, and in addition to that there are other cases of buttermilk may adversely affect them, including: 4] [7]

  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding women: you should avoid eating cream as a medicine is safe when ingested through the mouth.
  • People living with Parkinson's disease: (English: Parkinson's disease); Where it is possible for the cream to aggravate the symptoms and as an indication about the probability of toxicity it is believed that the amount found from a compound called B Annonacin through adult consumption of a single grain of cream or their juice per day a year for one cause lesion in the brain such as those that result from the consumption Jeraviola capsules pure through intravenous treatment by mice. [7] [8]


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